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Game & Series Recap - Cubs 3, Dodgers 1 (1 game to 3)

Game Recap
Earlier this morning I did a guest spot on Jon Miller's show on KXNO 1460 in Iowa. He asked me if I was ready to throw in the towel on the season, and my response was "in baseball anything can happen, but I don't think a Cubs playoff appearance is high up on the probability list this season." The problem -- well, one big problem -- has been their total inability to defeat good teams. The Dodgers are an example of that -- Los Angeles took 3 of 4 from the Cubs, whose offense evaporated this past weekend.

Still, Ryan Dempster managed to stop the slide, as he pitched 7 solid innings of 3-hit, 1 walk ball, surrendering only 1 run (unearned). He was successfully relieved by John Grabow and Carlos Marmol, who sealed the deal. Marmol pitched a flawless, 2 strikeout 9th inning for the save, but I would respectfully suggest that we maybe give him a few chances to eat ass before he becomes the deserved, defacto closer for 2010.

Offensively the Cubs collected 12 hits and 2 walks, including a dominating 4 for 4 day from Jake Fox. Fox now has 9 homeruns in his rookie season, and like Hoffpauir before him has earned the right to be a part of the team's roster next year. But before we get too excited about his future as a Cub All Star, let's not forget that he's already 27, he's defensively inept everywhere, and like Hoffpauir I'm not sold on him having as successful a follow-up year. Still, just for kicks I think the Cubs should send him to Winter Ball and ask him to learn how to play second base. At this point, why not?

Anyway, the Cubs have off today before returning home to Wrigley Field where they'll host the Nationals. They have 40 more games remaining, including 32 games against teams currently under .500. Their remaing 8 games against good teams include 1 against the 63-61 White Sox, 3 against the Cardinals, and 4 against the Giants. I'm not suggesting at this point that they can pull a miracle out of their asses and win their way into wild card supremacy, but with a schedule like that the Cubs would have to absolutely blow to not finish the year with a winning season.

Current Record: 62-60
Position in the NL Central: 2nd place, 8 games out
Best Possible Record: 102-60
Worst Possible Record: 62-100
Record needed to win 90: 28-12
On Pace For: 82-80

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