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Game Recap: Dodgers 2, Cubs 0

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The Cubs have fallen to merely 1 game over .500 as they continue to be offensively impotent against Los Angeles.  Clearly, nobody looked particularly good last night and I'm hoping that Lou and Jim will white flag this grand season very shortly so the hurt players on the team can begin preparing for 2010.

In the ShoutBox f-a-u-s-t-u-s wrote that the Cubs need to go out and grab somebody who can bat 5th and drive in runs.  Theoretically, that guy is Soriano or Bradley, but neither player has done a servicable job in that regard this season.  At this point I'm more interested in who won't be returning -- Aaron Miles, for example.  Since he and his .170 AVG has made it this far, I have little doubt that the Cubs will continue to employ him through March of 2010, but I hope that he is kept on an extremely short rope once the Cubs start playing baseball games that matter.

There's also been some discussion as to whether or not Rich Harden's worth bringing back.  He's turned around and put up some very good numbers after his slow start, but he remains a fragile player waiting to break. As much as it might not be "smart" per se to invest our hopes in Tom Gorzelanny to pitch effectively in the rotation next year, the Cubs need to throw their money at guys without baggage who can actually hit the ball hard. 

Later today we'll have the GameCast.

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