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GameCast: August 21st at Los Angeles

GameCastRandy Wells v. Randy Wolf

Another night, another tough game for a team that's less than good.  But remember -- a week-or-so ago, I suggested that we stop getting upset when the Cubs are beaten like donkeys and focus instead on the smaller accomplishments of the individual players.  For example -- wouldn't it be something for Milton Bradley to get his AVG up to .280 in the ass-eating style of Fred McGriff (killing the ball when it's pointless)?  And wouldn't it be something for Kosuke to get his average up to .290 in an attempt to help set the table for the resurgent Derrek Lee reach 30 homers and 100 RBI?

Randy Wells is one of those stories.  For a guy who needed 8 starts to get his first win, he's been pretty tough to beat this season.  With a 9-5 record, his only real competition for the Rookie of the Year award is the sexier J.A. Happ, who's 9-2 with a 2.66 ERA for the eventual repeat championship winning Phillies.  It will probably be a second place performance for Wells, unless J.A. ehapporates -- get it, it's like "evaporates" but incorporates Happ's name, I kill me -- but for Randy to have any chance he'll need to be next-to-perfect the rest of the way. 

So, that's tonight's story-line.  Can Wells step up?

Who's Hot
After last night's dull performance, I'll only go as far as to say that Fukudome is hot.  In fact, he's so hot that they may use him as a stove element the next time they film an episode of Iron Chef.  Snap, the bad jokes just keep on coming!  Still, I probably will never get tired of pointing out that Fukudome is not so great.  But he is one of the better Cubs.

Who's Not

It's a list both long and storied.  Let's just sum it up with the bullpen and most of the lineup and leave it at that.


I love me some late night baseball, and watching the Cubs for the individuals -- rather than the broken promise of playoff glory -- makes this a dramatically less frustrating activity.  You should try it some time.  You might just enjoy it.

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