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Game Recap - Dodgers 7, Cubs 2

Game Recap
5 innings pitched, 5 hits allowed, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts, 2 earned runs. Chances are that will be Tom Gorzelanny's final line as a starter this season or at least for a week or two -- not that he pitched poorly, but he's not going to over-take the more vested starters in the Cubs rotation, nor Randy Wells as he continues to pitch his way into Rookie of the Year contention. If Gorzo returns to the rotation, it will probably be to replace a shut-down Ted Lilly, assuming the Cubs do the right thing and send him (and Aramis) off to be surgeoned once they decide this season is a lost cause.

Meanwhile, Angel Guzman got rocked by the Dodgers. Maybe he shouldn't close. He served up a Grand Slam to Russ Martin, and that was pretty much all she wrote in this game against the inevitable NL West champions. Not that it's fair to only blame the horrible bullpen -- the equally terrible offense only managed to score twice, once off a solo homerun by the 3 for 3 Fukudome and once from a Ramirez single. All told, the Cubs as a team left 10 guys on base and squandered 17 total scoring opportunties. It's like Dustyball all over again. Thankfully it will all be over very soon.

On the bright side, the Tribune is reporting that the sale of the Cubs to the Ricketts family will be finalized very soon.  While there really isn't anything about this sale that could be accurrately described as "soon," it will be nice having a clear idea about what the Cubs will be able to do in 2010 budget-wise, whether or not Hendry and Lou will return, and what the outlook of the team over the coming years might resemble. 

So we've got that going for us, which is nice.


Since June 7th, Derrek has lead the major in RBIs. That is impressive since he had 6 more RBIs than Pujols. Unfortunately, in that time frame he has had more RBIs than the next highest run producer has had all season.

I was fine with Tom Gorezelanny's meh performance. I would say that he should be the fifth started over Dempster going into next season, but we know that there is no way that Dempster would get benched with that giant contract.

I am impressed with Jeff Baker, albeit I am cautious this time around. Afterall, I thought Fontenot would drive in around 75 runs in this season.

With Harden on the way out,

With Harden on the way out, it seems pretty likely that Gorzelanny will get a shot to start full-time next season. The Cubs are still pretty deep in potential starters and I doubt very much that they'll look outside the team for new arms.

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