Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: August 19th at Padres

GameCastRich Harden (7-7, 4.30 ERA) vs. Mat Latos (4-2, 4.01)

Story Lines
Hit the town, still dressing down
Looking for some action
Mr. Jagger said it best
He knows you never get...no satisfaction
But Mr. Dylan knows
That everyone is more or less a rolling stone
And Mr. Lennon, so quiet, knows better or so I've been told
That says it all, doesn't it?
We always want what we never get
Well listen hear, my friend
I can't continue to pretend that it's alright
'Cause that ain't right...That ain't right
I hear you're gonna make it big, rake it in
With your master plan, Mr. Hendrix understood
Those are only castles made of sand
Mr. Wilson took some pills...and I don't blame him
It's hard to be alive...Mr. Page, how he played
Mr. Drake stayed up late and made me cry
That says it all, doesn't it?
We always want what we never get
Well listen hear, my friend
I can't continue to pretend that it's alright
They've said it all haven't they?
But what I want, what I want to say
Is listen hear my friend
I can't continue to pretend that it's alright
No matter what we get
We never find our happiness
Ain't that a crime? Maybe that's why I've been told
Since I was six years old to compromise
But that ain't right...That ain't right

There is not much to say at this point. The Cubs need wins, and instead they are losing to the Padres once again. That says it all, to quote Duncan Sheik.

Who's Hot
Who cares, because the Cubs are not getting it done. I'm pretty sure I won't have a hot player here until the Cubs actually win a game.

Who's Not
Take your pick - Milton Bradley, Kosuke Fukudome Ryan Theriot, and Geovany Soto all went hitless last night.

Angel Guzman - Guz gave up an inside the park HR last night. I'm not sure what it looked like, since I didn't watch the game. Anyway, the bullpen failed to keep the game close.

The Cubs are four back in the loss column of the Rockies and Cardinals now. It looks like there will be no joy in Mudville, unless the Cubs win about 10 in a row.

Just a few random thoughts tacked onto the GameCast ...

Hey everybody, let's man up and stop having this self-pity fest.  You'd think the Cubs were en route to a 100-loss season, rather than an 80-85 win season.  You'd think they were controlled by inept, disinterested ownership, full of players without a recent history of immense success, on the decline.  You'd think that this crappy downturn is unrelated to the 400+ days of time spent by Cub players on the Disabled List this year, including four starting pitchers and various key components of the starting lineup. 

You'd think a lot of things, but you wouldn't think that Cub fans were made of sterner stuff because, pardon my French, but we're all acting like a bunch of pussies. 

At this point I have no qualms with people who are ready to call 2009 a lost cause, but going negative on 2010 and beyond is just ridiculous.  Enough with the Cubbie Nihilism already!  If you can't see how dramatically better off this organization is now compared with how it looked 20, 10, or even 5 years ago, then you are so caught in your Cubbie Misery that you may be a lost cause.

Unlike these guys, who are not.  So, again: Man Up.  It's not the end of the world that 2009 isn't The Year, and it's no promise of what is to come in 2010.  Stop acting like babies.

Great Post

Yes, 2009 is probably not the year. It's still better than 1999. At least we had some legit hope, unlike when I was growing up. People that think we're never gonna win need to realize it took Boston years of postseason failure before they knocked the door down.

I say shut down Aramis soon, and hope these guys can bounce back in 2010.

Oh yeah, make sure Z works his core!

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