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Game and Series Recap: Cubs 7, Padres 1 (1-2) -- Wait, they won?

Game Recap
What if I told you that my team has a pitcher with a 1.64 ERA, a WHIP of 0.77, and 55 strikeouts in 44 innings, to go along with just 14 walks? Is that something you would be interested in?

Ladies and gentlemen, gimme somma' dat Post All-Star Break Rich Harden!

Showing up just in time to earn himself a few extra million bucks as he heads toward the free agent market, Rich has been on fire in the second half of the season. Is it too little too late? Maybe kinda sorta, but I'll take it while we've got him.

Speaking of awesome Post All-Star splits, allow me to present Exhibit B: with a .367 batting average, .406 on-base, and .617 slugging, ladies and gentlemen, Jeffy B. Baker!

(Having said that, anyone wanna guess which of those two gets overpaid by the Cubs in negotiating an extension?)

With last night's game, the Cubs save some face as they depart from the home of Ron Burgundy and head straight for Mannywood. Now that the Cubs have saved themselves from a sweep, it's about time I dispense with the standard "impact of one game" speech.

Usually when the Cubs end up on the losing side of a 1-2 three-gamer, I talk about how different Cub fans would feel this morning if things were just a tinge different--specifically, what might have been if the Cubs went 2-1 instead of 1-2. We'd have a series win on our hands, and we wouldn't mind that one "L" given the two wins.

However, at this point in the season, every game is pretty damn huge. We're six back in our division, and five back in the Wild Card. These "one game" differences are really starting to add up.

And now we're headed to Dodgertown. This should be fun!

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