Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: August 18th at Padres


Ryan Dempster (6-6, 4.23 ERA) vs. Cesar Carrillo (0-1, 30.86 ERA)

Story Lines
There really is not much to say about the Cubs at this point. They are on life-support and in danger of dying any minute now. While the Cardinals are winning games in late innings, the Cubs are losing in heartbreak fashion.

It looks like Kevin Gregg is out as closer, and who knows who is in. My guess is that Marmol gets the nod, but you can never know.

The Cubs will need to string together a bunch of wins to get back into the race. I'm not holding my breath.

Who's Hot
Really there isn't a reason to go here tonight, but Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez each had two hits last night. Too bad everybody else sucked.

Who's Not
Mike Fontenot/Aaron Miles - A nice big 0-for-8 last night from the middle infield. I mean, Miles and Fontento shouldn't see the lineup again any time soon.

The Cubs are on death's doorstep, which is tough to take as a fan. Until they are eliminated, I will keep hope, even if it is a slight hope.

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