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Game Recap - Padres 4, Cubs 1, Time of Death?

Rob sent me this EMail earlier today:
"It is only out of respect of your wishes that I don't issue my annual "Time of Death" post today. But I think they are dead."

In response, I said:
You can do that. I'll just tack on an edit at the end in which I proclaim myself the doctor who just won't let go, hammering my closed fist into this season's chest, charging up the paddles for another electric burst, yelling BREATHE DAMMIT BREATHE even as you try to pull me away...

Sure enough, the lack of a lively offense, mixed with the closing incompetence of Kevin Gregg resulted in a blow-out at the hands of the incompetent Padres. Ouch.

It's hard to point a finger at just one player. Maybe it'd be easier to simply lift one finger at the whole team. Ted Lilly played his part last night, pitching 6 innings in his return to the roster, exiting after only 70 pitches, but the offense gave him no run support whatsoever. Sure, the Cubs managed 7 more hits, and they drew 5 walks, but they had 17 opportunities to drive in runs that they failed to capitalize upon. As a team they stranded 10. Mike Fontenot, Geovany Soto, and Aaron Miles all had 0-fers.

Kevin Gregg, meanwhile, has committed the greatest crime imaginable -- he's made Dave Kaplan right. That hurts. Goggle-wearing doucheman, I defended you! I put my opinion out there that people were wrong about you! And this is how you reward my loyalty, 4 earned runs against the PADRES?!? I was obviously mistaken. Gregg is a turdd.

So. Is this, then, the Time of Death? Am I, indeed, pushing away the knowing hands trying to hold me back from pounding the chest, from charging the paddles, from denying the obvious? Meh. Probably. When we look back on the failures of the 2009 season, while we will have plenty of fodder to go with I think that identifying this period -- the sweep at home against the Phillies, the surrender of another lead by Gregg -- as being the time when the final nail was hammered in.

Or, the Cubs could surprise us. What I didn't ask Rob in response to his EMail was whether or not he declared a Time of Death in 2007. (Rob: Technically, I did not.  But it was simply an accident of timing that I hadn't).   I sure as hell know I was on the brink of doing that, and I am certainly one of this blog's most reluctant. It's not a Cubs thing; rather it's a sports thing -- more often than not, teams will prove their fans' doubts right. But whether you "knew it all along" or not, you're still only right retroactively in my opinion. It'll be over when it's over, even if my gut tells me it's over already.

Does that make sense? No? Then I'll leave you with something that does...

Gregg eats ass.

I wish this funeral was premature.

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