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Series Recap: Cubs beat Pirates 2 games to 0 -- Cheap Sweep

And so it came to pass that, in the face of a small window of rain, the Cubs were denied their chance to sweep the lowly Pirates at home.

Chances are this game will get made up at the tail end of the season in October, assuming the Cubs need it. But considering that they had to fly to San Diego yesterday for a late game tonight, it's probably not hard to understand why the game was cancelled quickly. Either that or the multi-million dollar draining system they built last year is working out about as often as Carlos Zambrano. (Aw, snap)

Rob wrote an article yesterday lambasting the Cubs for their lazy, willy-nilly attitude. I say to you: fantastic. A team that isn't hungry is a team that's not anxious. Perhaps this newly loose -- and fattened -- team can sloth their way uncouthly through the playoffs should they get there. Still, I remain reminded about the '02 version of Moises Alou, who signed his fat contract, came to Chicago, sucked golf balls through garden hoses, and then returned in '03 and '04 to deliever two seasons of mass-production unlike anything we'd seen from left field in decades.

As for the Cubs themselves, and my current outlook on the season, I remain where I was a week ago -- for that matter, where I've been all season long. But because I really don't want to alienate anybody on either side, let's see if we can agree on the following statement:

If the Cubs fail to reach the playoffs -- or if they fail to win in the playoffs should they get there -- it will not be because they are the Cubs with their 101 year burden. It will be because they are either poorly assembled, poorly motivated, or poorly managed -- or perhaps a poor combination of the three. I have no qualms with anybody who thinks that the Cubs cannot reach or win in the post season based on their play in 2009. However I have serious problems with anybody who thinks that they cannot reach or win because they're the effing Cubs. That attitude needs to be chased away with pitchforks and torches. That's a Cardinals-fan attitude, expressed at games solely to bust our balls. Believing it is stupid, and wrong, and nihilistic. Believing the Cubs can't rattle off 20 wins in a row in a September Surge because they're the Cubs is idiotic. Believing they can't win 20 straight because they suck this year, however, is far easier for me to understand and possibly even agree with.


The attitude that they're the effing Cubs and as such are doomed to fail absolutely infuriates me. That's a Cardinals fan belief, that's a White Sox fan belief, that's an ESPN belief...and it's a complete crock of shit.

I'm chugging the Cubbie Kook-Aid you say? Then I would say you're not a fan. You want to see the Cubs lose every year? That screams Cardinals fan to me. You believe the Cubs will never see the World Series, much less win one? Smells like South Side to me.

Ask yourself this, if you completely believe the Cubs incapable of winning a title, then why in the HELL are you cheering for them?

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