Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: August 14th vs. Pirates

GameCastCharlie Morton (2-5, 3.81 ERA) vs. Randy Wells (8-5, 3.01 ERA)

Story Lines

This Cubs team is finished. Toast! Well Done! ________ insert your own word, because the team that played this week is not heading to the playoffs. That being said, this Cub team is about to get some help. Carlos Zambrano, Ted Lilly and Aramis Ramirez should be back in the lineup soon, and that means the Cubs should play better. Does that mean the Cubs will make the playoffs? I don't have those answers, but hopefully the worst baseball of the season is behind them.

Well, who would you rather play after losing five in row? I can't think of an better opponent than the Pirates. The Bucs come to Wrigley at the prefect time to get the Cubs back on track. So, if things don't get better this weekend, they are never going to get better.

Of course, the Cubs will turn to Randy Wells, who was looking like the ROY for a time. Then, he made the trek to Coors and saw his ERA skyrocket to 3.01. All kidding aside, Wells had a bad game, which happens to everybody in Coors. Wells will try to right the ship this afternoon.

Who's Hot

Jeff Baker - Well, it looks like Mike Fontenot is not playing anytime soon thanks to Jeff Baker. Baker's only hitting .579 in his last six games with an OPS of 1.426. That's crazy hot, too bad the Cubs have sucked during that time. Overall, he is up to .275, which is a lot better than Fontenot.

Ryan Theriot - The Riot has been steady for about a week. He's hitting .406 durin his last seven games. Too bad he's only score four runs.

Who's Not

Geovany Soto - 1 for 19 in his last six games. That's pretty bad, and a bad season just got worse for our ROY.

Aaron Miles - Yeah, how long before we cut this guy? The DL stint has not helped and he has one hit since coming off the DL.


It is tough to be a Cub lately, but things can get better with the Pirates in town. If they get worse, we can all look forward to the new owner (hopefully) and new GM (most likely) that will revamp the team and take us to the promised land.

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