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Game Recap: Cubs 17, Pirates 2 -- Woooo

Game Recap
Goat Friend and Tribune writer Paul Sullivan writes

Does Piniella's track record keep him immune from being a target of
criticism, or is he in danger of receiving the same kind of scrutiny
Dusty Baker had in his final two seasons with the Cubs?
"I haven't seen the abuse Dusty took yet," Derrek Lee replied. "But I'm sure if we don't win, it's around the corner."

But ... I thought Dusty took that abuse because he's black, not because the Cubs failed to win.  Somebody clearly needs to get D.Lee back on script.

I still continue to shovel Lou's fair share of blame onto him, but I have to acknowledge that there have been an awful lot of negative factors going against the Cubs this season.  With a hat tip to Desipio poster Dave B, the Cubs have had 13 players spend 431 days so far on the Disabled List this season.  While that figure includes such riff-raff as Chad Fox, Dave Patton, Ryan Freel, and Aaron Miles, the Cubs have also lost a lot of time from key contributors Aramis Ramirez (58 days), Geovany Soto (31 days, and he's still not right), Carlos Zambrano (30 days), Reed Johnson (30 days), Ryan Dempster (25 days), Rich Harden (22 days), Ted Lilly (20 days), and Angel Guzman (15 days).  While it's strange that four of the Cubs starters have spent so much time on the D.L., it's hardly a first (1985), but stranger still is that I'm pretty sure none of them have actually lost time for arm injuries.  Even Ted Lilly, who will get scoped this winter, is currently recovering from kee surgery.

Ignoring that, the Cubs finally gave fans something to cheer about, thumping the Pittsburgh Pirates by a score of 17-2.  They combined for 18 hits -- with multi-hit games coming from six players, including the pitcher -- and 6 walks, and they scored on their first 11 opportunities, which is pretty amazing considering how many chances they blew against Philly.

Kosuke Fukudome continued his string of solid play, going 1 for 4 with a walk, 2 runs scored, and a 3-run homer.  But most impressive of all the hitters was Derrek Lee, who went 3 for 3 with 2 doubles and 7 RBI before getting pulled in the 5th inning. 

As far as the pitching went, Randy Wells gave 6 solid innings, earning his 9th win of the year and dropping his ERA to 3.01.  His three relievers -- Caridad, Grabow, and Gregg -- gave 3 innings of no-hit, one-walk relief and the Cubs ran - nay, sprinted -- away with the win. 

So, what does it mean?  It was nice to see a route, but in the grand scheme of thing it means dog piss jones.  The Cubs will still be 4.5 games out when this day is over, with the same glaring problems as before.  Still, it's nice to see a crushing.  A repeat performance would be pretty effin' awesome.  That is all.

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