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GameCast: August 13th vs. Phillies

GameCastCliff Lee (9-9, 2.95 ERA) vs. Ryan Dempster (6-5, 4.04 ERA)

The Cubs are playing desperate baseball, trying to avoid a home-series-sweep.  The Phillies were swept themselves by the Marlins just before coming to Chicago.

Cub fans are in the news again, this time for the terrible act of -- gasp! -- dumping a plastic cup of beer on the head of a Philly outfielder.  I'm just amazed that nobody has done that to Milton Bradley this season. 

Frankly, if I'm spending $6.50 on a single cup of beer, then I should be allowed to do whatever I want with it.  It's a ridiculous price for booze but even more ridiculous than that is the faux outrage of the douchebags who covered the act.  Beer spilling at ballgames is as old as beer swilling, and while it doesn't happen much anymore -- again, because of how freakin' expensive the beer is -- it's hardly the end of the world. 

Back to the game at hand, Ryan Dempster will be facing off against Cliff Lee.  Both pitchers are having underwhelming years, although Lee's still got a sub-3.00 ERA.  Considering that certain Cubs have struggled greatly against lefty pitchers -- like Fukudome -- and considering that the team in general has been struggling against everybody, I suspect this will not be the easiest game to win.

Who's Hot
Cub fans at their team -- Frustration is a part of our language.  This year looks to mark the 102nd straight season in which the team left fans feeling ANGRY, or in different terms, this marks the continuation of every year of our life so far. 

Who's Not
Lou Piniella -- Between his man-crush on Samardzija and his idiocic handling of his lineups and his bullpen, I would like to merely reiterate the previously-made statement that the Cubs might someday soon be better off with a younger manager who owns a better sense of what's happening in-game.  I'm not saying fire Lou, but I will say again that if the Cubs win this year it will be in spite of him.  He brings nothing to the table anymore.

Actually, so far this series has reminded me a lot of the last one the Cubs played against the Phillies (which I may have mentioned previously).  One game against a pitcher who doesn't belong in the bigs was a blow-out.  One game went to extra innings, only to be squandered because of a bullpen malfunction.  And one game ... well, we'll see.

the beer-spilling thing...

Sure it may be being blown out of proportion, but it is embarassing, as a Cubs fan, to see Cub fans acting like Phillies fans. Then again, at least it was just beer and not batteries, daggers, RPG's, or whatever else they're used to throwing around fields in the land of the Amish, Mushrooms, and shuttered steel factories.

As a young man

I used to sit in th bleachers, and I used to get so shitfaced that I could not speak my native language, settling instead for a slurred version of Spanglish that Cheech and Chong used in their albums and movies back in the days when men smoked pounds of pot at a time.

It was totally conceiveable that I could have and would have dumped a beer on top of the head of an opposing outfielder. Hell, I was too drunk to care.

I needed to have my ass kicked. So does the squatnozzle that dumped the beer on Victorino last night. It ain't HIS fault the Cubs suck ass.

You got it Kurt. I thought

You got it Kurt. I thought from the media reaction that it was one of the garbage can size aluminum Bud Lights. A plastic cup ? Come on ! By the way. How far of a jump is it from the upper deck...just wondering.

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