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Game Recap: Rockies 6, Cubs 2- Oh nooos!

The Cubs lost last night, thanks in part to Zambrano getting scratched due to Wood-like back spasms, with Sean Marshall and Jeff Samardzija replacing him and getting beaten like drums.

Apparently, the fact that Marshall and the Shark were beaten so soundly by the Rockies is evidence that these Cubs cannot possibly be "the team that wins it all."  I liken this to a person learning that the market is down and tens of millions of Americans are unemployed, only to conclude that it's not a temporary problem and that we're all gonna die.

True enough, the Rockies beat the hell out of the Cubs.  At the same time, the Cardinals won and, despite having lost one more game than the Cubs so far, are now 1 game ahead of them in the standings.  But rather than use this loss as an example proving that unlike any other team which may make the playoffs these Cubs cannot possibly win if they get there, I might suggest that we keep our heads a little and note that Marshall was used at the last second in an emergency start, that Samardzija should not -- and probably would not -- be on a Major League roster, especially in October, and that no single game, win or loss, can tell anybody anything about a team's chances in the playoffs.

So, seriously, get ahold of yourselves and man up.  Game Deuce is at 7 central and I'll have that recap up before I go to bed tonight.

This team is just not built

This team is just not built for the post-season. We have some pretty solid hitters (not as many as last year) and a fairly deep pitching staff, but we have no Albert "Poo-hole" types... In other words, we have no one who can really take-over a game by himself. I'm not putting A-Ram or D-Lee down, but they are not "carry your team" kind of guys. In the post season, you need a guy who can carry a team. Maybe Soriano gets hot at the right time, and opposing pitchers forget to simply throw pitches in the dirt to him. Who knows?
However, with all that being said, the main problem is not our lack of an Albert Poo-hole. Our main issue is our pitching! Hear me out on this one. A solid rotation is key to making the playoffs, but in the playoffs, depth doesn't matter as much as having at least 2 shut-down starters. I feel like we have several solid guys who are capable of some shut-down performances, but I don't think we have the type of rotation that will dominate a playoff series. For example: Game one- Carlos goes 6 innings, gives up one run, but walks five and has to leave... bullpen comes in. Game two- Ted Lilly gives you 6 or 7 decent innings... once again we have to use the pen, etc... Of course, Harden will go his customary 5 innings with 10 K's, but once again the bullpen comes into play. The bullpen will fail from over-use.
The point is, I don't think we're built for a World Series run this year.
Anyone else agree?

Just out of curiosity, who

Just out of curiosity, who did the '03 Marlins have as their "carry your team" guy?

Someone gets it

thanks, Texas.

We lead the league in "Quality Starts". That's just GREAT for the regular season, but Quality Starts don't win Playoff Games. We need 8 or 9, not just six innings.

That being said, pitching is our strong suit. THAT in itself is why this team is nothing special. Because our pitching isn't that great, and our offense simply sucks.

Or, the offense could have

Or, the offense could have been under-performing from April through June, only to come closer to their potential level in July and August.

I get you being cautious, and I understand your skepticism, and although you seem to think I've recently predicted a World Championship for the Cubs in three months, the truth is simply that I only think anything is possible for any team that makes the playoffs. Teams come back from 3 games to 0 against their bitterest rivals. 83-win-teams get rings. Teams with a quarter salary of their WS opponents win. Anything can happen.

But if you honestly, HONESTLY think that a Cubs World Series this year -- or perhaps any year, based on the level of skepticism I've seen from you in just the past three seasons -- CAN NOT HAPPEN, and how dare we say to the contrary, then what's the point?

Didn't say It CAN'T happen.

Didn't say It CAN'T happen. I just don't think it's likely this year. I hope the Cubbies prove me wrong, though.

Well, that was directed at

Well, that was directed at Rob, not you, but realistically speaking it's not likely *any* year. It's just less unlikely from time to time ... for the Cubs and every other team.

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