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Game Recap: Cubs 6, Reds 3 -- more bullpen angst

Tom Gorzelanny, welcome to Chicago. 

The new Cubs lefty made his debut tonight, and he was above-and-beyond what we were probably expecting.  Gorzo went 7.1 innings against the Reds, holding them to 3 hits, 1 walk, and 1 earned run while striking out 6.  Of course, the Cubs bullpen would make things interesting, with Angel Guzman surrendering a 2-run homer in a 9th inning non-save situation, but Dusty's crew just couldn't git'er done.

Offensively it was a 9-hit, 3-walk day for the Cubs, starting with a leadoff shot by Kosuke Fukudome who is trying his damndest to elevate himself out of Rob's doghouse.  On top of Fooky's performance, the Cubs doubled and singled their way toward 4 runs in the 6th, followed by a Derrek Lee solo shot in the 7th. 

The Cubs now find themselves within striking distance of sweeping the Reds.  Hey, if Dusty continues to insist on using Willy ".275 OBP" Taveras as his leadoff dude, then we can only assume it will be a done deal.

Meanwhile, in Cubs blogger land, we posted earlier today a Gregg Defense article, causing one long-time, kick-ass reader to say the following:

I could very well have missed something because I only have time to get
on here about 10 to 15 minutes a day, but I dont remember anybody
actually HATING Kevin Gregg

There was definitely some hate in the ShoutBox, but beyond that here's what you've been missing in Cubs Nation Blog Land:

Sports broadcaster Dave Kaplan:

If this team has hopes of
going to the playoffs and contending once they get there I do not
believe they can keep Gregg as their closer. He is not an overpowering
pitcher and he has a penchant for the long ball that is often fatal
because when he pitches the game is almost always on the line. He has
surrendered 10 HR's in the closer's role which is the most in baseball
by any closer in the Top 15 in saves by a wide margin.

Cubs blogger Frodog

I can’t seem to mention his name without having a middle name. I never
liked this guy from the first pitch he threw in a Cub uniform. There
was no movement on his fastball, and I knew he was gonna get crushed. I
was right.

Those are just the easy two. 

I commented on Kaplan's blog regarding his opinion, for which I almost immediately received an EMail response.  Apparently he takes his blog seriously.  Kaplan's basic opinion appears to be that a pitcher can be almost lights-out for three straight months, but if he has two bad games in a row then he "has not earned the closer's job" and needs to be demoted.  Thankfully, Kaplan isn't running the team because he would be the Anti-Dusty Baker ... instead of holding an intense and unreasonable loyalty for his players, he'd apparently throw them to the wolves at every turn. 

Anyway, the Cubs remain a percentage point-or-so ahead of the Cardinals, who beat the Mets in extra innings tonight.  For whatever it's worth*, I've lately had a very good feeling about the chances of this team.  Maybe it's fitting that, on top of their continued hold of first place in the division, they'll be taking on their prime competition for the Wild Card very shortly.

(*"for what it's worth"?  I'll tell you what it's worth -- nothing.  Dog Piss Jones)


We don't really need to go out find a closer. The Cubs have five real starters and guy with amazing stuff but can't seem to get past 5 innings. I know I have mentioned this before, but with the addition of Gorzelanny we have a true 4th or 5th starter.

I think there are, what, six

I think there are, what, six teams that have serious playoff aspirations at this point in the NL?

The Dodgers and Phillies are in the first tier. Basically locks.

The second tier has the Cards and Cubs, as well as the Giants and Rockies.

I think the four teams will come from those six, but I guess the Marlins and Braves have an outside shot as well.

Maybe when things start heating up we (read: I?) could do some comparing.

Also, Dave Kaplan is a moron.

Also, Dave Kaplan is a moron.

Well I guess I DID miss some

Well I guess I DID miss some comments in the shout box then. I try to go back and catch what everyone has been discussing but oh well. I guess reckoneyes is right. We are all just a bunch of freakin haters on this site and that makes us tards. But hey at least its not just you man, right?

I'm a little baffled about

I'm a little baffled about how any of us are "haters," on account of how we try to calm Cub fans down from HATING, but I'm definitely King Tard.

I think it's kind of like how, in order to deflect, you might call somebody a name that would best suit you. I might call you fat, for example, in order to deflect from my own fatness. Just like how that douchebag likes to call people "haters" when all he does is hate. Don't worry, he'll go away before too long if he's not overly-encouraged.

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