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GameCast: July 17th at Washington D.C.

GameCastApologies for the lateness.
Carlos Zambrano (5-4, 3.53) vs. John Lannan (6-6, 3.70)
Yesterday was probably "the hard one," as Rich Harden hasn't exactly been a ball of reliability these last few months.

Probably the most interesting aspect of yesterday's game -- at least for me -- was that some idiots actually expressed disappointment that the Cubs won.  It is apparently a bad thing, in their opinion, if the Cubs are able to actually hold on and stay competitive for a while.

Clearly, these people are not Cub fans.

I don't think any of us here are so blind as to think that the Cubs will just saunter into the playoffs, but -- sorry, Cubbie downers -- at 3 games out of 1st place, anything is possible.

No, really.

Who's Hot
Derrek Lee -- After having hit his 18th homerun last night, I'm pretty sure everybody will agree that Lee is in top form right now.

Who's Not

Bradley, Soriano, etc. -- Milton went 0 for 5 yesterday, and while the Fonz went 1 for 3 he will need to do a little more than that to convince me.

A Cubs win tonight means momentum.  A Cubs loss means, hopefully, that the biggest doubters will do us all a favor and finally end their miserable existence ... or become Cardinals fans, whichever they deem worse.

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