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GameCast: July 8th vs. Braves

GameCastThis will have to be v. quick -- so quick in fact that I was forced to abbreviate the word very!!!

The Cubs, still struggling to stay over .500, battle the Braves, who have pretty much shut them down since the 3rd inning of the first game of the series.

Taking the mound for the Cubs is Kevin Hart -- a pitcher who's been pretty damn good in Iowa, although he's got a spotty track record in the bigs. 

Throwing for the Braves is a guy who evokes a "no, really?" response any time he tells somebody his name.  Every time I try to type it I stutter, which is strange since I'm not even speaking right now.  (I just blew your mind!)

Who's Hot
Megan Fox -- Maybe she can't act, but man she's got pretty eyes! 

Derrek Lee -- He's actually been very hit and miss as of late, but his hits have been big ones which have yet to stay contained by the ballpark.

Who's Not
The Cubs offense has scored 1 run in the last 16 innings of play.  Not exaclty something to compose ballads about, unless they include the lyric "the doormats of the National League."

I think the Cubs should hire Megan Fox to be the new ball girl.  She will flabergast the opposing team with her good looks, only to startle them into a stupor once they get a look at her dwarf thumbs.

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