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Game & Series Recap: Cubs 8, Brewers 2 (3 games to 1)

Game Recap
The best thing about today's game was that there was no single best thing: the Cubs got a ton of guys on base, Ted Lilly posted a quality start, and the relievers Lou called upon late in the game were able to get outs.

Having said that, I think the "best best thing" would have to be the eight runs the Cubs were able to bring home today. Gigantic home runs from Lee and Fox, clutch two-out hitting throughout the game, productive outs with men on third base and less than two outs--it was all there.

With that, the Cubs take three of four from the scuttling Brewers. Milwaukee now faces the division-leading Cardinals and league-leading Dodgers in their next two series before the All-Star Break.

The Cubs did well to take advantage of an opportunity to gain ground in the division. They'll need to make the most of Aramis Ramirez' return as the Braves arrive in Chicago tomorrow.

Speaking of Ramirez' return, it'll be interesting to see how the Cubs handle the returns of three key players this week, with Aramis, Reed Johnson, and Angel Guzman all returning to the active roster. I'm sure everyone else around here has an opinion of their own on what the team should do, and believe it or not, so do I.

My three top choices to send to Iowa are Jeff Baker (easy), Kevin Hart (kinda easy), and Micah Hoffpauir (toughest decision).

Hart's got options, so we may as well use 'em. Baker's probably better than Ryan Freel, and definitely better than Aaron Miles, but beyond that I don't see where he fits on to this team.

That leaves Micah Hoffpauir. Maybe this isn't that controversial a stance, but look at Micah's offensive numbers on the year, and consider his offensive defense throughout his career. I prefer Sam Fuld's patience and speed to Micah's raw power--and consequent propensity for striking out.

Let's keep the hot Fuld up, and send the cold Hoff down. As soon as the trend(s) reverse(s), we can make another move. In the meantime, I hope Lou goes for versatility over power.

Current Record: 40-39
Position in the NL Central: 3th place, 2.5 games out
Best Possible Record: 123-39
Worst Possible Record: 40-122
Record needed to win 110: 70-13
On Pace For: 82-80

Short term

Till the all-star break my quess is that Shark and Hart go back to the minors along with Fox. Should be Patton, but the Cub's seem to sold on keeping him. Fox would be the position player. Baker is out of options so he is with the team the balance of the year. Blanco has to stay as he is our only backup SS. After the break and with Miles coming back (could we be so lucky and have his injury be season ending). My quess would be Hoff & Blanco (Miles backing up SS) with Hart coming back up.

Rule 5

Patton's a Rule 5 draftee, so he has to stay with the major league club all year (I think there may be an exception for the disabled list).

Based on his line about the

Based on his line about the Cubs being "sold on keeping him," I got the impression that heimie knows that Patton is a Rule 5 and the consequences of cutting him from the big league roster.

I quess that makes sense.

I quess that makes sense.

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