Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Game Recap: Brewers 11, Cubs 2, that one hurt

Just when it looked like the Cubs might be in a good position to get a step ahead, the offense comes crashing down, the pitching falters and fails, and my apocalyptic worst-case scenario (a 4th place again Cubs) comes true.

Meh.  They're still playing for a series win today.

Rich Harden, it would seem, does not have the testicle fortitude to pitch when his best stuff is not there.  Smarter pitchers find something that works even when their pitches aren't.  But not Harden -- he got lit up like a firecracker.

Then again, so did Patton and Samardzija, both of whom gave up extra -- but meaningless -- runs to the offensively angry Brewers. 

On the offensive end, nobody had a particularly good game (as evidenced by the meager 2 runs the team scored).  Milton Bradley hit a 2-run homerun on the day Yahoo sports posted an article questioning whether or not the Cubs were already tired of him and his antics.

Maybe they are, and maybe it's a relationship doomed to eventually fall apart, but I will repeat again the message of this month: Talent Wins Out.  Bradley's not done as a hitter yet -- even if 2009 is a lost season for him.

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