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Belated Game Recap: Cubs 2, Brewers 1

Or: One more win and it's a route

So.  After an offensive explosion on Thursday, it took the Cubs 10 innings to git'er'done on Friday.  Carlos Zambrano's 7 inning performance was not wasted, but he did not reap the spoils.  Then again, if any no-decision pitcher deserved credit for the win it's Carlos, who's 5th inning single tied up the game until a bases-loaded 10th inning walk gave it to the Cubs.

So, what did we learn from yesterday?  We learned that no 10-run drubbings translate into consistently scoring runs.  We learned at long last that even Lou can no longer justify batting Alfonso Soriano leadoff.  We also learned that the Cubs bullpen is capable of holding a team down in a low-scoring affair.

The results -- the Cubs are tied in the loss column for first place in the Central. 

Not to mention what's planned for today's game, which I will outline in a post following this one probably by a matter of minutes.

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