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Game Recap: Mariners 2, Cubs 0; Chicago scores about as often as a World Cup team

The hundred million dollar Cubs offense -- we'll just call them El Juggernaut for short -- capitalized on a weak Seattle team last night, and managed to drub up 6 hits and 3 walks, scoring an undeniably impressive 0 runs in the process.

Wait ... six hits?  Three walks?  Seriously, folks.  C'mon!

These Cubs are just about as impressive as the last few rag-tag efforts of the Dusty Baker era.  They are just another shining example of what happens when you give hundreds of millions of dollars to a GM with a baseball IQ of about 80, who, like a magpie, is attracted to the Bright and Shiny rather than the talented and enduring. 

Sorry, but Bright and Shiny does not win championships.  Neither do the Cubs.  The Chicago offense wasted the otherwise impressive performance of Ryan Dempster, who threw a rare complete game loss last night -- he went 8 innings, struck out 8 batters, reduced his ERA to 3.56, and dropped to 5-6 on the season for his efforts.

This comes hot on the heels of talk that Lou might be gassed out as a manager, that Ryne Sandberg may be clamoring to replace him, and that the team is hopefully just a busy week away from being deconstructed.  It can't happen fast enough for me, although I continue to even mistrust Hendry's ability to firesale appropriately. 

Nevertheless, I'll just end today's recap with an unrelated thought -- Ryne Sandberg should not manage the Cubs.  Unless his autobiography was ghost written by Dusty Baker, then Sandberg has a concerningly similar baseball philosophy to the "you gotta earn it" mentality that Baker espoused.  Therefore, here's to hoping that, as Lou and Jim leave, true baseball men fill their slots.

Otherwise, it'll just be another half decade of Bright and Shiny baseball in Chicago...

Good news: Fredi Gonzalez is

Good news: Fredi Gonzalez is a free agent manager. There's your non-Ryno pick for manager. However, he might want to wait out for Bobby Cox's spot.

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