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GameCast: June 22nd at Atlanta; a rainy make-up date

GameCastRyan Dempster (5-5, 3.92 ERA) vs. Javier Vazquez (4-6, 3.41 ERA)

It would be entirely ironic -- and frustrating -- for today's make-up date to get rained out, but Goat Reader SuckMyDitka reports that rain is very much a possibility tonight.

Still, the Cubs are taking an odd course to continue their winning streak.  They've had to fly from Chicago to Atlanta for one night, and after the game they will have to fly to Detroit for their next three game series. 

Taking the mound of the Cubs is on-again, off-again ace Ryan Dempster, better known as the unluckiest pitcher this side of Randy Wells.  Honestly, Dempster's numbers really aren't that bad.  He's on pace to throw 217 innings, allowing 192 hits, 87 walks, and striking out 179.  That's a WHIP of 1.29.  Last year in 206 innings Dempster's WHIP was 1.21.  Better, sure, but does anybody really think that 0.08 is the difference between 17 wins compared to 10, or an ERA of 2.96 compared to 3.92? 

Therefore I submit to you the belief that Ryan Dempster is better than his current record.  It's very much so possible that he'll end the year with extremely good numbers -- in fact, if the Cubs surprise the nay-sayers and reach the playoffs, count on Dempster to end the year with close to 15 wins.  If Chicago plays the way they aught to, Dempster will reap the benefits in the second half.

Who's Hot
Lee, Soto, Fukudome, Bradley -- all four players have put up very good numbers in the past week.  Maybe it's no coincidence, then, that the Cubs are on a winning streak.  The four of them have combined to bat .338 with 6 homers and 12 RBI in the past week.

Who's Not
Mike Fontenot -- okay, we get it.  Never play Mike Fontenot against lefties, at least not this year.


If this game gets played, I am looking for the Questionable Quartet Plus Fuku to continue their roll while Ryan Dempster benefits from their rub and picks up win number five.  I think it's entirely likely that the Cubs will win tonight.  Don't ask me about tomorrow, though, after they hop on a plane and fly north to Detroit where they'll take on the first place Tigers.

I can't post on your cute

I can't post on your cute little Shout Box cause I went over my limit.

Nick, someday you will be in

Nick, someday you will be in a situation in which somebody spews at you with bile and sarcasm. Based on your actions tonight, I'm very much certain that you will handle it worse than I have.

heh, but instead of admitting

heh, but instead of admitting you guys misread my comment...be it by tone or not...you make it look like I'M the one that said it wrong...right?

And when EVERY comment that

And when EVERY comment that you don't agree with is greeted by bile and sarcasm? I have no problem in getting very irritated in your immature reactions (i do see the hypocrisy in that I am acting immature in this as well.)

More heat reversal. "Oh yeah?

More heat reversal.

"Oh yeah? Well I say it is YOU who is the dunderhead!"

Jason and I were busting your balls. Your response was to demonstrate that you couldn't take that kind of behavior. Since then you've done nothing but ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK while I've worked to clarify. Could you please demonstrate how my response to your attacks is immature?

(Based on your past responses, you will not acknowledge my request that you demonstrate how my response to you is immature, but I enjoy being wrong believe it or not)

Notice I didn't attack Jason

Notice I didn't attack Jason right? I made my comments specifically directed to you?

I am seriously laughing that you think all you've done is "worked to clarify". You've done so in the typical Kurt fashion. In a condescending manner.

You're responses are immature, much like mine so don't make it look like i'm taking higher ground, not in just this little tussle. It's in general. And it's from what I've said...it seems that you can't handle opposing opinions and you constantly confront the opinions with thick sarcasm. I find that immature.

So now you're trying a heat

So now you're trying a heat reversal. (Actually you've been trying a heat reversal this whole time...) Why can't you just Man Up and stand behind your words AND your intent? Over the last half hour you've been arguing that your words have been misconstrued while defending the intent nonetheless ... I find that kind of odd.

I don't have to "man up"

I don't have to "man up" about anything. I explained the intent of my comment. Apparently you and two others misinterpreted my statement. What do you want? Me to apologize that you misread my statement?

Of course you don't. What

Of course you don't. What kind of man would acknowledge he may have contributed toward the confusion of a dispute? Not a man like NickV, that's for sure!

I haven't seen you admit to

I haven't seen you admit to having a hand in YOUR confusion, have I?

Would that be the part where

Would that be the part where I said I must have taken what you said the wrong way?

"Kurt "why are you so mad at us for taking what you said the wrong way?" 2009-06-22 11:35 PM

And actually there were three

And actually there were three people who drew the same conclusion about your statement (Dizzle being the third) but what do we know ... we just happen to be on a blog that you read a lot.

Hey, I have an idea. Maybe you should compare me with the douche from ACB again ... something ELSE you never took responsibility for being wrong about or apologized for.

And why would I apologize?

And why would I apologize? For what? For thinking that you confront opposing opinions in a rude, condescending fashion? I need to apologize for that?

Trust me, by this point we

Trust me, by this point we all understand that you can't acknowledge being wrong or acting wrongly. And I can't even muster the energy to really care enough to debate it with you.

Congrats, NickV. You have succeeded in telling me how wrong I am because you didn't think the 4 game winning streak was a trend toward positive future results. You've then proven that I'm an asshole because I sarcastically said you are a Cubbie Downer, all while defending your opinion that the four game winning streak was nothing to "go gagga" about (while successfully arguing that "going gagga" is nothing at all like "feeling excited by"). Then you successfully proved that I am immature by calling me an asshole, making snide comments about the blog (while criticizing ME for being sarcastic with those I disagree with) and by refusing to apologize for possibly playing any part in how your comment led three people to believe the same thing. And then you continued to refuse to apologize for saying that I was no different from a blogger who calls people he disagrees with "pieces of shit" while wishing suicide upon those people.

Since you are clearly the better person, I will give up now and go to bed. Enjoy your victory.

//I can tell from your "tone"

//I can tell from your "tone" that you are being very serious. I therefore accept your apology and I will continue to read your wonderful blog with great anticipation for every post that you make.\\

PS-//I also appreciate that you admitted any wrong-doing in this disagreement/miscommunication. Because I asked you to do so, and you didn't do so previously.\\

Please don't punish me by

Please don't punish me by reading the blog! It would be torture for me if I knew you were reading all my wonderful posts!

P.P.S. I'm glad you noticed that I did that back at 11:35.

P.P.P.S. - We have officially started taking bets on whether or not you will ever apologize for anything offensive that you have done or said on this blog. I'm not telling you what my bet is because I don't want you to throw the contest.

I thought you were going to

I thought you were going to bed?

I WILL apologize for that. I

I WILL apologize for that. I didn't see that because all the shouts kept coming up. My bad.

DAMMIT you just cost me

DAMMIT you just cost me money.

I'm going to bed. This is step 3 after brushing my teeth.

PPPS- I can actually see how

PPPS- I can actually see how one might mistake my comment. I just thought I'd have a little fun with ya'll. Yeesh. Lighten up! Zing!

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