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GameCast: June 21st, Cubs v. Indians - Momentum Edition

GameCastJeremy Sowers (1-4, 5.14 ERA) vs. Randy Wells (0-3, 2.55 ERA)
For those of you who missed yesterday's GameCast -- or even noticed that it never got published -- blame me.  I forgot it was such an early game and I had to leave early to do some important, pre-wedding, oh-s-word-we-haven't-bought-rings-yet-and-the-wedding-is-next-weekend stuff.  Anyway...

The Cubs -- who have performed dramatically below our expectations this season -- have won three games in a row, all in their last at bat, often in unexpected and unlikely ways.  Consequently, while they are only 2 games over .500 they're also only 2.5 games out of first (and share a tie for the lead in the loss column). 

Earlier this week, bloggers* started calling for the termination of Cubs' skipper Lou Piniella.   Maybe it should've been done sooner based on the completely unrelated results.

(*Well, at least one blogger did)

Who's Hot
Derrek Lee - Oh, how I remember the attitude of Cub fans dating back to last October.  Lee was washed up.  The Cubs should've traded him -- despite his no-trade clause -- and let Hoffpauir start.  And do you remember how he started out in '09?  Fuel to the Hate 6-4-3-Lee Fire.  And yet, here he is, carrying the Cubs on his wide shoulders.  In the month of May he batted .313 with 4 homers, 9 RBI, and a .955 OPS.  Since June started, he's turned it up a notch and is batting .375 with 6 homers, 16 RBI, and a 1.155 OPS.  Not bad for a guy past his prime.

Milton Bradley - In the past week, Milton is batting .333 with an OBP of .391.  Hey, maybe the Cubs should bat him 2nd?  Just a thought.

Geovany Soto - 5 for his last 14, batting .357 with an OPS of 1.256.  Not bad.

Kosuke Fukudome - 4 his last 13, batting .308 after a long, long slump.

Who's Not
Mikey Fontenot - Even I think he's done as a starter.  At the very least the Cubs need to evaluate his splits and keep him on the bench full time vs. lefties.  Against righties this year he's batting a still-bad-but-good-enough .253 with an OBP of .350 and OPS .768.  If only the Cubs had somebody who hit well against lefties that could play third base...

Carlos Marmol - in his last 4 appearances he's surrendered 3 hits in 3.2 innings, while walking 5.  Time for Larry to earn his pay -- fix what's wrong with this guy already!

Randy Wells is so overdue for a win that it's kind of ridiculous.  The problem has long-been an inability to drudge up offensive support mixed with the failures of the bullpen to keep a lead.  Well, minus Marmol, the bullpen has been outstanding the last week or so and the offense appears to fnally be clicking.  This could be the day.

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