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Game Recap: Cubs 6, Indians 5 - Whoa

Cubs Win!
Who knew that, when Kerry Wood left the Cubs to join the Cleveland Indians this past season he would still contribute two wins to the 2009 team?

Friday night's victory, achieved through a walk-off homerun by Derrek Lee against Wood is like nothing compared with today's, in which Wood imploded on the mound giving the Cubs the victory in the 13th inning.

For the record, before the start of June the Cubs had played in three extra inning games.  Since June, they've played seven long games out of fifteen possibilities.  That's kind of nuts.

It would never have happened without Derrek Lee and Kerry Wood.  Lee hit another homerun today, this time a 2-run shot, which put the Cubs on the board in the 5th.  That was followed with a homerun by Micah Hoffpauir in the 6th, which briefly gave the Cubs the lead until Carlos Marmol came undone in the 7th (his 3rd straight appearance, by the way), which is how the game would look until the 13th.

Amazingly, the Cubs probably should have lost.  They had 12 total hits and 6 walks, failing to score on 19 separate opportunities, and to add insult to injury Dave "Bonus Baby" Patton served up the go-ahead homer to Luis Valbuena in the top of the 13th.  (Valbuena had 2 homeruns himself today against the Cubs.)  That's when Kerry Wood came into play.

Wood came in and promptly surrendered a single to Fukudome but was able to negate a potential hit-and-run by striking out Three Finger.  The only problem was that Fuku managed to steal second anyway and, thanks to a bad throw by Kelly Shoppach was able to advance to third.  At that point Andres Blanco singled home Fooky, reached third on an Aaron Miles single, and scored on a Wood wild pitch.

Thanks, Kerry.  You managed to let yourself get beat by two of the worst hitters on the Cubs roster, and a third Cubs hitter who hasn't so much as scratched the ball since the beginning of May.  If you were still a Cub we'd be livid.

Actually I'm being a little unfair to Kosuke.  He had a 4 for 5 day against the Indians pitchers and also drew a walk.  But still -- getting beat by Blanco and Miles is sort of like losing a boxing match to your 120 pound girlfriend.  Moy embarassing.

The Cubs play for the sweep tomorrow.  Hey, I'm not one to complain or anything but ... maybe they can try to win before their last at bat of the game for once?  Just a thought.


i still find it hard to believe that miles hit and run in the 13th was actually pulled off. GREAT baserunning by blanco (i'm starting to like that guy). I love seeing the cubs stealing bases and setting themselves up for success; however (there had to be one) can we please finally move sori down in the lineup? Hidden in today's success was another terrible outing for sori. It still seems like this lineup hasn't found its rythm. They have come up big lately and frankly i'm giddy about D lee again, but when you have 3 automatic outs in the lineup, one after the other (miles/secondbaseman of choice, pitcher, soriano), it puts a lot of pressure on the middle of the order. God knows the cubs haven't caught a break all year so it's nice to see lady luck on our side

I am in favor

Of keeping Blanco as the backup infielder over Miles and Freel. He is a 1000x better fielder, and his hitting isn't any worse than those two.

The perfect scenario is for us to go out and get a real second baseman, then have Font and Blanco as the backups.

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