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Gamecast: June 19th vs. Indians

This will have to be extremely short. I got dragged into a meeting at work which lasted twice as long as I was hoping it would resulting in the writing and posting of this GameCast after the game has actually started. But I won't cheat ... I'm not looking at the boxscore til it's written.

One team began the year in the basement. The other has gradually fallen toward it. The Cubs have done nothing to really demonstrate the possibility that they are, y'know, good. But I think they'll start turning things around if only they were able to assemble their puzzle pieces in a semi-coherent manner.

Louddites are mad at this blog currently because some unfunny dork suggested the Cubs might be better off without him. Still, it's been a few days since the idea was first put forth and, despite regular pleas for logical reasons, the only thing Louddites have been able to retort with is "Piniella isn't responsible for his entire team being in an offensive slump." Hey, to take a page from our counter-programming friends, prove that. If one guy is in a slump, it's bad luck. If two are in a slump together, it's a coincidence. But if more than half the team is in a slump all at once? That's something somebody needs to be accountable for. But wait, they fired Gerald Perry! Problem solved, then.

Who's Hot
Eh, we'll look at this more a little later. It's hard to argue that anybody is, though.

Who's Not

See statement above. The entire team is underperforming in a miserable way.


I think yesterday's game against the White Sox was an awakening moment. So here's my predictions for today's game: the Cubs will regularly get hits but will have to pick and scratch for runs. Mark DeRosa will hit a double or perhaps a homer. Between them, the Cubs and Indians will combine to score 9 runs but I am not predicting a winner just now. And ... as of one hour into the game...

It's delayed.


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