Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: June 18th vs. White Sox

Cubs v. SoxGavin Floyd (4-5, 4.94 ERA) vs. Carlos Zambrano (4-2, 3.39 ERA)

Story Lines

There has been a lot of debate here the last couple days, and we're all just a little cranky. It's no surprise since the Cubs are just about as bad as can be.

The Cubs try to get back to .500 today against the Sox. Even in these tough times the season is not lost. Granted it would be nice to see some improvement.

I won't be catching many games this weekend due to my trip to San Diego. Hopefully, the Cubs will be in better shape when I return from Ballparks 21 (Pecto) and 22 (Angels) this weekend.

Who's Hot

Milton Bradley - There wasn't a lot to brag about yesterday, but "Don't Wake Daddy" had two hits to bring his average North of .230 again.

Who's Not

Jim Hendry - Come on Jim and do something. We can't just sit around and wait for Aramis to get back and save the day.


The Cubs are in serious trouble, but hope is not lost. Maybe we'll get lucky and Carlos will throw a gem and hit two home runs.

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