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Game Recap: White Sox 4, Cubs 1

Apparently in the excitement of a teeny tiny little blog war -- and the intra-blog strife of a debate on the culpability of Lou Piniella for this mess of a baseball season -- a game was played today. 

I don't know why but for some reason my Game Recap got eaten.  So this will be an even shorter, abbreviated version of my already short, abbreviated Game Recap.

The Cubs, they did not score many runs. 

Alfonso, he had another 0-fer.

Dempster, he didn't pitch like an ace, walking 6 and striking out 4.

In terms of the stories that dominated the day at GROTA, as far as I'm concerned the mini-blog war is over (which will not stop our terrific friends over at Another Cubs Blog from making their snarky comments, but I do derive a ridiculous amount of pleasure knowing that they read me while I would sooner crap into a diaper and smear it all over my head than read them) and, speaking of craps-into-diapers, regarding Lou:

As far as the anti-Lou, he must be fired sentiment goes, I am apparently alone.  Actually I'm a little shocked at how teflon Lou has been in this situation considering that he's the rebound manager from The Worst Managing Experience of Our Lives.  You'd think that once we're cynical we'd stay that way but I guess two years of winning slaps blinders on even the most scrutinous pair of eyes.

I'll save my Lou rhetoric for a post coming to a blog near you tomorrow morning, but I do have a few questions I'd love to have answered: what would Lou need to do for you to lose faith in him?  And how responsible is he -- and managers in general -- for the output of his team?

Anyway.  The Cubs lost today, dropping to 4 out of first and 1 below .500.  But don't worry - nobody appears keen on winning in the NL Central.  Tomorrow, they play for revenge!

Two additional pennies

Lou's insistence on keeping Soriano at leadoff, as well as his refusing to play Jake Fox over Aaron Miles, remind me of Dusty Baker.

defending Lou

Kurt, I see 3 problems with this team.

This team is under performing and it is ownerships job to decide if the best coarse of action is to fire the manager or fire the players. Oh ya, we don't have an owner, Problem #1.

It is the GM's job to
A. develop a farm system that will produce players that can help the big league club.
B.build a team that is balanced and not one that can produce decent fanasty stats.
This has not been done, Problem #2

It is the managers job to put the best players available on the field
A. not continue to play a lead off man who is in a month long slump (or at least move him down in the line up) and does not hustle on defense
B.not leave a player in RF who does not have his head in the game and not DL him when he can not play
C. not complain about having a short bench, but continue to carry 13 pitchers.
This is not being done Problem #3

I am not so much against firing Lou as I ask myself what is the point. Would that be enough to shake up the team I just don't know. The only time that I know of that firing the manager worked was 2004 with Florida. If they do fire Lou I think they should bring in Bob Brenly since he knows the team and would not have the learning curve another person would.

I still think going the trade route is still way to go to shake up the roster. When the best you have in the minors is Jake Fox and Bobby Scales there is not much you can do in-house. That means having to move a starting pitcher. I know it is a risk, but what is the point of having the best starting pitching staff when nothing else is working. My choice to trade would be Ted Lilly for no special reason. We could put Marshall back into the starting rotation and use the pitchers you named to fill in the bullpen. Can Fukudome be traded to the Braves as a player who needs a change of scenery and put with a fellow country man (and I believe an ex-team mate) to rebound and do what he has shown in flashes. They are looking at improving their outfield. Can you use the "all they need is a change of scenery" argument add any value to Heilmann, Miles, Scales, and Patton. Who knows, but I do know that they are not producing and just trading them for what we can get would send a message.

Well, that is my 2 cents worth.


that is why they are sniffing around Pedro's corpse.

They probably figure they can trade Harden, Wells or (God forbid) Lilly for offensive help if Pedro came in and held down a spot.

I'm not sure what you do, though. Do you get a second baseman, a corner outfielder, or a catcher? And if so, who?

Keep in mind I think trading for a catcher is dumb, because there just aren't that many, and there ain't nothing wrong with Soto that 10 weeks on "The Biggest Loser" wouldn't fix.

That is why I don't put much faith in the Trade Scenario. I can't envision a trade that we could make that could help us, without putting at least one overpriced corner outfielder on the bench on a permanent basis. Who, sadly, should probably be Fukudome.


I think they/we have to take the best available talent, just because other than Lilly they/we will not be trading from a position of power. I am fixated on 2 trades. Fukudome to the Braves, because he could be reunited with Kenshin Kawakami (an ex-team mate) making for a good change of secerny and the Braves are looking for outfield help. The other is with the Rockies and going after Ian Stewart, Seth Smith and/or Ryan Spilborgh. I know that to trade with the Rockies we would have to start with Ted Lilly. Would adding Heilmann, Miles, along with some combination of Fox or Scale be enough. I do not know, I do know that we would have to pick up part of Lilly's contract. May also have to make it a 3 team deal between us, Rockies and Braves. Stewart can play 3rd and 2nd, Seth Smith plays all 3 OF positions and bats left handed. I believe that these deals have a least one foot planted in realism.

Fukudome to Braves won't work

Fukudome to Braves won't work unless we take back a nasty contract. Are they paying anyone $40mil over the next three years that isn't worth that?

Rox, I don't know about.


I messed up on this one. I know that we will have to eat some or all of the contracts, but did not say that. The amount of the contract will depend on what we get back player wise.

Hardly a mess up! Just

Hardly a mess up! Just mentioning other facets of the deal that would have to be considered. Atlanta actually seems like a great fit for the exact reasons you mention, but the next step is, like I said, finding that major contract they don't want.

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