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Open "Fix the F*cking Roster Already" Thread - Mid June Edition

Note: In case it wasn't obvious, the asterisk in the headline replaces an "a." 

If this team continues the downward swirl, then they will be perhaps the greatest squealchers of potential we have seen in our lifetimes.  Perhaps they were never meant to be a 110 game winner, but this team as built should have trounced the mediocre NL Central.  They should have charged past their playoff opponents.  They should have been a team to remember.

Sadly, they have instead been a team we'd all like to forget.  With the 2009 Cubs it's been one reckless outburst after another, one blown lead, one missed opportunity, and many losses that should have been wins.  So what next?  Is it over Johnny in June?  With the team at .500, 2.5 games out of first, in a division nobody appears keen on winning? 

Hell no.  It's not over.  But with another month of this crappy play we'll all wish it was.  Sooner or later one of the NL Central teams -- and maybe even a couple of them -- are going to start winning an awful lot of games.  If the Cubs still want to be in a position where a short winning streak gets them into the playoffs, then they will need to turn into a regular winner.  But it will be no easy task that the firing of a hitting coach can accomplish.

Therefore I will open it up to you guys.  What do you think needs to be done to fix this mess?  Who gets cut at a great expense to the team?  Who does Jim Hendry pursue at all costs?  The lineup -- what should it look like when the Cubs play the Sox tomorrow?  Where does Kevin Gregg belong?  How about Dave Patton?

I'll open it up to you and post my thoughts on this topic within the next 24 hours.  But I think we'll all agree that this team is totally facked if they don't do something beyond the firing of Gerald Perry, and soon. 

Once Ramirez returns, I

Once Ramirez returns, I believe that it is necessary to get rid of Aaron Miles. Who in my opinion, is completely worthless and is taking up the spot of someone younger who can play. Andres Blanco? Pitching wise, the starters are fine, keep Randy Dandy in the rotation. How about we get rid of Heilman who in any clutch situation is our Jesse Crain. As a cub fan who lives in Minneapolis I follow the twins pretty closely as well when they're on. Jesse Crain is in the league of Anti-clutch Heilman is closing in on this. Also I hate Kevin Gregg, everything about him makes me nervous, Someone please get marmol consistent and put him as closer. It would be nice to score some runs before we get to these guys though. The lineup should be like this a few times this week to give days off (benchings) to people who are playing like shit.

"The goateed wonder" Reed johnson

I'd drop soriano's ass all the way down or out just to smack some of the selfishness out of him. Everry pitch looks like he's a caveman trying to sway a fly with a club. Especially on sunday he had some at bats. Can't we toss Hoffpauir out in left a few games? D lee has warmed a bit and Soto looked good with the two doubles. Bradley just needs a slap to the face and someone to remove the stick out of his ass. YOU UP! ADMIT IT. I still think the goateed wonder needs more at bats with fukudome swinging like a corkscrew and striking out on a consistant basis with many-a- at bat. I would love to score 4 runs every once and a while. My base comes from the fact that I think everyone sucks until they get better and when they suck ass they need to be benched/handled accordingly.

You're new here, so welcome,

You're new here, so welcome, but one piece of advice:

If even the guy writing the article censors himself when using the f-bomb, consider it an open invitation to NOT use the f-bomb yourself. This blog = PG-13.

my apologies

my apologies

god bless the starters this

god bless the starters this year. we dont need to trade for a bat, but it wouldn't hurt.

drop (fast):
freel, cotts

fox, blanco, hoffp, miles (he *can* play a few positions, letting font move around)

give rejo a bit more playing time and let fukudome "rest" a little more, like you were supposed to last year. maybe package heilman + another for a real reliver? heilman+patton? heilman+shark? maybe deal heilman and either shark or patton for a vetted (for lou), reliable (for everyone else in cubs nation) reliever?

lineup, with aramis back and lee staying consistent:
soriano, theriot, lee, aramis, bradley, soto, font, rejo, pitcher

without aramis, assuming soriano finally gets benched for a game or two:
soriano, theriot, lee, bradley, hoffp, soto, font, rejo, pitcher

swap rejo for fuku and put theriot where rejo/fuku are when fuku heats up again. if he heats up again.

soriano will break out of his slump, but its beyond disgusting.

6/7/8/9: shark or patton/gregg/waddell or marshall/marmol/guzman

guzman as closer until marmol straightens up.


  • drop the dead weight
  • we're not going to find any return on trading aaron miles
  • keep the starters
  • shuffle the bullpen
  • bench soriano so he can get straight
  • recall fox and keep him a bit longer this time?
  • rely on marshall and waddell a bit more, and don't carry so many pitchers

just thinking out loud here

or nix miles and bring scales

or nix miles and bring scales back

Good question

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I would Keep the lineup as close to possible as the opening day lineup and I wouldn't change it. I would stop giving guys days off to take a break from their slumps, I'd just keep sticking them out there - every day - in the same spot.

I guess in a lineup that includes Ramirez, I'd have it look like this...


For the lefty/righty lovers, that lineup has got it going on and eventually this season, there'll be no place for a pitcher to get a breather.

For the bench, I'd go with Hoffpaur/Fox as 1st guys off the bench to PH. Then I'd use Miles as a super sub. Then, of course, I'd use Hill as the backup catcher and Reed Johnson as the lefty platoon CF.

Lastly, I'd comprise the bullpen of Gregg, Marmol, Guzman, Heilman, Marshall, Patton, Ascanio.

So that means the Cubs would be without the services of Waddell and Blanco. Then, if July came along and the Cubs felt they needed a true LOOGY, they could DL or give Patton back to the Rockies, then take a chance on some geriatric lefty.

I actually think that team wins the division pretty easily - and for a change, just might be playing their best baseball in October.

On a managerial note... I'd stop with all the sac bunts, now. The more Lou inserts himself into the game, like all managers, the more harm he does. I prefer it when he let's the team play, then gives those postgames where he seems like he's struggling to remember people's names and starts referring to them by the position they play.


Please stop with the Shark trade scenarios. For the LAST time, he has a full no trade clause and has made it clear that he wants to be a Cub and is not going anywhere. Can we come to an agreement not to include him in any trade "packages"? Pretty please ?!

this assumes, of course

that fukudome and bradley and soriano and soto and fontenot all come back to their expected production.

this will NOT happen. Not all five. You'll be lucky if two out of the five bounce back.


PLEASE do not say Dlee bat 4th that makes noo sense he does not have to much power this year as u can see the lineup should go
1 Lil babe Ruth L (lets see what he can do with fast balls)
2 Dlee R (a lot of his singles are solid outfield singles plus fastballs)
3 Aram R( He is def the best all around cub hitter)
4 M Bradley ( He has been doing a solid job hitting as of late)
5 G Soto ( The guy is really starting to heat up)
6 Soriano ( at least he will not b leadoff with a whopping 297 OBS)
7 Reed Johnson ( Get him AB's)
8 TheRiot ( Seems to do really good in the 8th spot
9 Pitcher

I wander who is a better hitter Miles or Freel
Cuz they both blow tremendous amounts
diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii** That long

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