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Gamecast: June 11th at Astros, Live Blog

Ryan Dempster (4-3, 4.12 ERA) vs. Russ Ortiz (3-2, 3.96 ERA)

Story Lines

The Cubs caught a break today when Roy Oswalt was moved to Saturday thanks to an injury. They caught another break when the Astros decided to push Mike Hampton back. Then, in a nice twist of fate, the Astros decided to throw Russ Ortiz this afternoon. Now don't hold your breath, because they've changed their minds about 1,000 times already. So, Russ may or may not start, but if he does......I see good things in the Cubs future. Ortiz was moved to the bullpen and hasn't started in about month.

Pitching, Pitching, Pitching. Well, the Cubs have gotten plenty of that lately, but the after a 7-run Tuesday, they only could scratch across 1-run last night. The good news is that Brewers lost, so they didn't lose any ground on first place, but the Reds and Cards both won leaving the Cubs in fourth place in the NL Central.

I went around the Cubs news outlets today, and didn't find anything really interesting. Milton Bradley still sucks, and according to Lou has a flaw in his swing. Really? The near .200 average didn't clue someone in on that weeks ago. I said it last night in the shoutbox, and I'll say it again. Milton needs to take 2-weeks, head to Iowa and work things out. In the meantime, we can play Micah Hoffpauir or call up Jake Fox to platoon with him.

Today the Cubs turn to Ryan Dempster, who has been pitching much better of late. He lost last time out thanks to Mike Fontenot's defense at third base. I can't wait for Aramis Ramirez to get back. Hee is just something different about playing third, and even with his flaws, Ramirez is just solid.

Who's Hot

Geovanny Soto - Soto clubbed this third HR yesterday, which accounted for the only run.

Cubs Starters - They continue to turn in some gems. Come on offense, please give them a little help.

Who's Not

Alfonso Soriano - Come on Lou....His average is down to .237. He's never been in this kind of slump since coming over to the Cubs.

Milton Bradley - See above. Even if he got a hit last night, it was a really weak hit. I was all for signing "Don't Wake Daddy" or whatever we're calling him, but even Kosuke was better than this at points in the season.


Cubs should win, and we better win. With a win, it would give the Cubs a 5-3 road trip. I'll take that after the rough start to the road this season.

Also, A.J. and I will be live blogging the game today with those who can't catch it on TV, and want more commentary than provided by the various media outlets.

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