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Game Recap: Astros 2, Cubs 1 - An Almost-Win

Cubs loooose
(with a teeny tiny contribution by Kurt)

This game was a perfect example of your typical "almost-win." Of course, an "almost-win" is as good as a loss--which is not very good at all.

The Great Carlos Zambrano was, as they say, "super awesome." He pitched eight innings tonight, allowing just one run, and gave the Cubs every opportunity to win tonight's game.

Unfortunately, the offense just wasn't there.

Well, let me clarify that statement--it was kinda there. The Cubs did collect five hits and two walks over the course of Wandy Rodriguez' seven innings. Unfortunately, the only guy that crossed home plate was Geovany Soto, and he got there himself by hitting the ball out of the park.

A game like this one begs a few questions. First, does it suck that Angel Guzman could hardly get an out in the ninth inning? Sure. But can you pin this one on him? I kinda think not. When your team scores one run in a nine-inning game, you can't really blame the pitchers.

Second: Are repeated occurrences of this sort of offensive drought avoidable? Not entirely, no. But Kurt has an idea that needs to be re-stated, reviewed, and then tattooed on to every Cub fan's forehead: HIT SORI LOWER!

Alfonso Soriano has been reeeeally bad lately. And he's also been getting the largest number of plate appearances in every game he's played in. He can't possibly hit any worse than he's been hitting lately; why not give the "middle-of-the-order" experiment another shot?

And finally: How awesome is Carlos Zambrano? The answer is, really, really awesome. As in, like, super awesome.  It's just too bad that his stellar performance was wasted, although he has now lowered his ERA to 3.39. 

The Cubs play the rubber game tonight.

In all fairness

Soto is slowly coming around at the plate. He is still a good 25 pounds heavier than last year. I apologize if he has insulin issues that has caused an uncontrollable weight situation for him. But his trend arrow is pointing somewhat upward.

Unlike Milton Bradley

I defer to what Brenley said

I defer to what Brenley said about Geo and his awkward swing. Sometimes that stuff is B.S., but sometimes it's true.

I'm giving Bradley a few days to get in the groove... any guy coming off a week plus of inactivity will look like re-fried shiz, but even if we don't white flag the '09 season we may have to fork the '09 version of Bradley. He's not coming around, not this year. Meet Moises Alou, 2002 Edition.

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