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Game Recap: Cubs 2, Reds 1; Carlos Being Carlos

Cubs win!
The story of the season -- for good or bad -- has become Carlos Zambrano.  On the day in which he won his 100th game of his career the Moose declared his intentions to retire ... in four or five years.

It probably stems from a pretty frustrating two weeks for Carlos.  He's been ejected, suspended, fined, disciplined, criticized, and his children apparently dumped his comic book collection into the bath water*.  On the heels of all that he went out and had a no-hitter through the 5th inning plus he hit what turned out to be the game-deciding homerun.

(*may not be true)

I dunno.  Maybe Cub fans want that stoic ace, that guy who just goes in there and does his job.  Maybe they want him to expressionlessly deliver bland, cliche-riddled interviews.  But not me.  I like my players to have color**.  I want that guy who wins a big game and in the press conference says all sorts of funny, nasty things about his now-defeated opponents.  I want that guy who will charge a mound without hesitation if he knows he's getting thrown at.  And, sure, I want that guy who's so deranged that he'll threaten to retire in five years -- but maybe it's four years, because he doesn't even know when his contract is up*** -- on the heels of collecting his 100th career win in dominating fashion. 

(**not intended to refer to racial preferences in sports
***because he's just that cRaZee)

I'm probably alone in that.  But think back.  If you could have the boringest pitcher ever Steve Traschel with Zambrano's talent or Zambrano himself, who would you pick? 

Me, I'd take the guy who curses at God in Spanish every single time.

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