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GameCast: June 3rd - Cubs at Atlanta (aw, crap)

GameCastTed Lilly (6-4, 3.50 ERA vs. Derek Lowe (6-3, 3.49 ERA)
Oops.  I guess I got distracted plotting Cubs 101 stories from now until October.  My bad (at least my forgetfulness occurred in service of the blog).

After suffering yesterday's heartbreaking loss, the Cubs take on the Braves again without the apparently overwhelming pressure of delivering Randy Wells his first big league win. 

As Rob bravely noted earlier, this Cubs team needs to stop screwing around or else risk being mediocre all year long.  The only problem is that, for a bunch of reasons we haven't seen the real Cubs yet.  They've either all been slumping, or battling various injuries, or turning to ridiculously bad relief pitchers who waste uniform fabric. 

I will note that, as of this belated writing, the Cubs offense has enjoyed the first strike thanks to a Fontenot double.  But until Lou really shakes up his bullpen a 2 run lead means nothing.

Who's Hot
Mike Fontenot, Derrek Lee, Reed Johnson - the Cubs offense has been a lot of hit and miss all year long, but lately they've mostly been hit.  That hasn't guaranteed victory by any stretch though on account of the "who's not" category.

Who's Not
Geovany Soto, Kevin Gregg, Aaron Heilman - Soto will be sitting for a little while which will be fine with some people (Rob in particular).  Three Finger Hill has been pretty effective in limited play anyway.  Gregg and Heilman, meanwhile, appear to have caught whatever it was that had infected Neal Cotts.  They need to be used differently or -- dare I say it -- outright cut.

With Lilly on the mound, and having scored first, the Cubs should have a decent shot at winning.  But for the time being no lead is safe.  It's way too early too call the season over or anything, but it's also way too early to really believe in this team.  They've got a lot to prove.

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