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Game Recap: Cubs 7, Dodgers 0 - It's about time

Game Recap
Please forgive the bad puns.

The Cubs and the Dodgers.  Two teams, evenly matched, who always play close games with high drama - until today.  Today, L.A. rolled over, closed their eyes, and pretended to be in a far away land while the Cubs went to town on them for 7 runs.  The details are as follows...

The Questionable Quartet
Combined, they went 6 for 12 with 4 walks, 2 doubles, a triple, 2 RBI and 2 runs scored.  Individually, Bradley went 3 for 4, all singles (we'll take them), Soto was hitless but drew 2 more walks and Mike Fontenot has his best game in about a month.

Other key contributors include Reed Johnson who also collected 3 hits including a homerun.  In total the Cubs notched 10 hits, walked 7 times, and ran away with the game.

The Perplexing Pitcher
Ryan Dempster -- who has been little hit and lotta miss this year -- went 7 strong innings, surrendering only 3 hits and walking 1.  He was spelled by Guzman and Heilman, who gave up 2 hits and 1 walk in their 2 innings of shutout relief.

At this point, we know a few things about Dempster.  First -- he's been bad, but some of it has been poor luck.  Second, he's not going to win 17 games.  He probably won't even win 15.  But he is not toast by any means.  It's conceivable that Dempster will end the year with a sub 4 ERA ... even if it's not likely. 

The Cubs go for the series win tomorrow.  If they accomplish it, don't scoff.  The Dodgers are a tough team no matter where they play.  For a streaky-but-slumping Cubs team to handle them so effectively would be an accomplishment, not to mention a sign of things to come.

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