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Gamecast: May 29th vs. Dodgers

Cubs v. DodgersChad Billingsley (6-2, 2.82 ERA) vs. Ted Lilly (5-4, 3.77 ERA)

Story Lines

School's out for Summer! Oh, well that doesn't really apply to the Cubs, but it does to me, and it is cause for celebration. What does that mean? Well, I hope it means a Cubs victory today.

The Cubs lost a tough one last night, and they try and rebound against the Dodgers' best pitcher, Chad Billingsley.

Sorry for the lateness of the post, but I was getting grades done at school and it's my wife's 30th birthday today.

Who's Hot

Can we just skip this?

Who's Not

The Cub offense.


It will tough for the Cubs today, but I think we win in honor of my wife.

Note From Kurt
It would be nice to see the Cubs pummel the hottest team in baseball, but it seems that the Cubs and Dodgers tend to play pretty close games.  As we noted yesterday a speedy, nit-picky Los Angeles team exposes the flaws in the way the Cubs have been built.  ie - Chicago doesn't do enough to prevent the steal and aggressive base-running from playing a big factor in the outcome of a game.  Fortunately most teams don't play with that style, but the Dodgers have a number of players who wanna hold that base for a while. 

The thing is, it's never easy and can sometimes be heart-breaking but the Cubs can beat the nit-picky teams.  It's when the nit-picky team has that added element - and last October it was Manny and his long bombs - that it becomes a fruitless exercise in frustration.

Not that this contributes anything to the GameCast, I just thought I'd point it out.  Go Cubs!

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