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Series Preview - Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers v. Cubs
Dodgers v. Cubs

So, did I miss anything yesterday while I was at work?  Anything?

How'd Carlos do?  Anyone?

I kid, of course.  Obviously Carlos went The Full Crazy, delivering a ball throw, glove slam, and Gatorade assault before heading to the showers.  As Uncle Milton put it, "that was on a Bradley level".  Smiley Face.

My guess?  He remembers 2007 and, since Lou seems to be sleeping through 2009, decided to take the Cubs revitalization on himself.  And since Geo's too nice a guy to punch...

But I don't feel like talking about the Cubs.  How about some fun facts regarding the Dodgers

  • Russell Martin is struggling through the early season, posting a meager .702 OPS.  Send that boy down!! (Sorry Rob, but I cannot resist)
  • So, some people thought the Cubs should sign Orlando Hudson to play second for us.  I was all, no no, we have Fontenot.  We don't need Hudson.  Hudson is current hitting .349.  Fontenot is...not.  Too bad for all you Hendry always listens to me.
  • Who else is kind of pissed that Juan Pierre is hitting almost .400?  Jerkface.  Well, if Pierre still has a .422 BABIP (career .319) by the end of the season...well, I'll still think he's a jerk for sucking up all of 2006.  Jerk.
  • Want a Juan Pierre fun fact?  He lead the league in steals twice.  Nice.  He also lead the league in caught stealing 5 times.  Hmmm.
  • Juan Castro has taken a break from ruling Cuba with an iron fist to hit .400 in a reserve roll for Los Angeles.  Should have kept the beard, though.
  • Jonathan Broxton: 35 strikeouts in 23 innings pitched.  Moderately impressive.
  • Will Ohman: 5.11 ERA.  Less impressive.

Yep, the Dodgers are really, really good. 

The Matchups

Friday, May 28th - Randy Wolf vs. Randy Wells

Randy Wolf has never been a particularly good pitcher, but he's earned his low ERA this year.  With 50 strikeouts against 19 walks, Wolf is controlling things pretty well.  That being said, he's allowed an unusually low .247 BABIP.  That should change at some point (hey!  how about today!). 

You know what's weird about Wolf?  He's been better on the road that at home.  Not your standard Dodgers' pitcher, that Wolf.

But you know what?  I don't care how good the Dodgers are or how good Wolf has been.  Wells deserves to finally get a win and today's as good a day as any.  LET'S DO IT!

Saturday, May 29th - Chad Billingsley vs. Ted Lilly

I seem to remember The Chad being pretty good against the Cubs in the playoffs.  Because of that, I choose not to like him.  You want an amazing stat?  Billingsley has allow 0.1 homers per 9 innings.  And that's not even far off his career numbers.  Billingsley does, however, have mediocre control and so a patient Cub team could make somewhat difficult for him. 

Billingsley is also WAY better on the road than at home.  When did Dodger Stadium become Arlington West.  Er, west-er.

Lilly wasn't particularly good in his last outing, but he's still a beast and we love him.  Plus, he's a fearless defender of his teammates against forces of evil (the umpires).  Here's hoping the wind's blowing in.  He deserves a little help.

Sunday, May 30th - Eric Stults vs. Ryan Dempster

Eric Stolts?  ERIC STOLTS?!?  I LOVED YOU IN "ROB ROY'!!! 

...wait, what?  Oh.  A pitcher?  Really?  Well, that does sort of change things.  I guess Stolts is a decent enough pitcher.  My favorite stat?  A 6+ ERA on the road.  Welcome to Wrigley, Lance.

But what about Ryan?  Well, Ryan was terrible in his last start.  He took the first decent offensive performance by the Cubs in OVER A WEEK and wizzed all over it.  Damn you, Ryan.  Ryan comes into today's action with a 4.99 ERA.  That's bad.

Monday, May 31st - Eric Milton vs. Sean Marshall

Milton's off to a pretty decent start, but we're talking about a guy who's twice lead the in homers allowed.  And in case it's not clear, Eric Milton is not, in fact, Fergie Jenkins.  Here's hoping the wind is blowing out.

Marshall has been a beast all year for the Cubs.  And by "beast", I mean "steady, solid performer."  He broke the Cubs losing streak with a complete game*, one run outing and will be there today to clinch the Cubs' 6th win in a row.


...yep, that's right.  I said 6th in a row.


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