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Gamecast: May 27th, 2010 - Cubs vs. Dodgers

Ted Lilly (1-4, 4.30 ERA) vs. John Ely (3-1, 3.41 ERA)


Well, Chad Billingsley gives up a ton of hits, but the Cubs can't make him pay. That result leads us to the rubber match today.

Today, the Cubs will trot out Roosevelt again to face the Dodgers. I read something about the Dodgers not playing well against lefties, but that wasn't case last night.

Who's Hot

Derrek Lee - It's nice to see D-Lee get hot. He's got 2 HR in his last six games with a .358 average. Hopefully, he's ready to take off and lead the Cubs on a run.

Carlos Marmol -This hot report comes from Bruce Miles:

Marmol had faced 99 batters, striking out 46 of them. That means he has struck out 46.4 percent of the batters he's faced. For a whole season, that would be a major-league record. The existing mark was set in 2003 by Eric Gagne, who struck out 44.8 percent (137 of 306) of the batters he faced.

For the season, Marmol has pitched 23.2 innings, striking out 46 batters. That's 17.49 per 9 innings. His record is 1-0 with a 1.52 ERA, and he has his WHIP down to a tidy 1.14.

Needless to say, Marmol's hot right now.

Who's Not

Tom Gorzelanny - I think we found the person that is not going to be in the rotation after Big Z makes his return. It looked like he was really pressing and it didn't. He could make a nice innings-eater for somebody in contention. Maybe the Tigers?

Marlon Byrd - We all new he had to cool off and he finally has for the free swinger. He's going to have to prove that he can walk to keep seeing good pitches. His .217/.143/.360 OBP/SLG/OPS is not promising.


I would be really happy with a 2 of 3 in the this series with the Cardinals coming into town. So, enjoy the early baseball and go Cubs!

I am opposed

to trading Gorzelanny unless we get a lot for him. His K rate over the past two years is over 1 an inning and he even K'd 5 batters in 5 innings in that performance against the Dodgers. I guess I understand sticking him in the pen for a while, especially if we also see Jay Jackson or Andrew Cashner in the majors and either Russell or (I can only hope) Grabow shipped somewhere else. But he is a solid pitcher and quite frankly a slight better, younger and cheaper version of Lilly. The Cubs would be insane to ship him off for little.

I agree with you, but I

I agree with you, but I really think the Cubs are going to end up dealing him. It just seems like the move Hendry would make to me, but I could be very wrong.

See I think they should trade

See I think they should trade Lilly and Silva Gorz is still relatively young enough that he can still contribute in a few years if Hendry finally grows a brain and decides to start retooling (barring some amazing run). Trade the other two, get something good in return, and bring up Cashner around the deadline to fill the last slot. They won't lose a thing talent wise

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