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GameCast: May 25th - Pirates vs. Cubs

We have on one hand the worst team in the NL Central with a long history of losing, a sick fan base, and no promise of a better 2009.  We have on the other hand the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Wait, what?

Start that over. 

If ever there was a team the hapless Pirates could sweep, it would be not the 2009 Cubs, but the May 17th-May 24* 2009 Cubs.  The Cubs of the past week have been bad.  Real bad.  They've been turn your hair grey and make you kiss a guy bad.  But unless this is 1904, the Cubs offense is bound to average more than 1.5 runs a game.  Things are going to get better.

(*date could change)

Who's Hot
Let's just skip this section for now.  Nobody on the offense is hot.  With apologies to Reed Johnson -- who hit a dinger yesterday -- it takes more than one hit in a game to be "hot" and the Cubs offense is about as cold as your wife would be if she discovered that you just bought your favorite car without consulting her. 

However, the Cubs rotation has been pretty damned good.  In the past 7 days, as a team their ERA has been below 4.  You would think that a sub-4 team ERA would warrant at least a .500 record rather than 7 straight losses, but... well ... no.

Who's Not
In particular, Aaron Heilman has been getting his ass kicked as of late - he's allowed 3 runs in his last 2 innings of work and he was at least partly responsible for Ted Lilly's recent bad performance.  (Not in the sense that he kicked Lilly in the back of the head before the 5th inning or anything, but rather in the sense that Lilly exited disgracefully with runners on and Heilman failed to keep them from scoring.)

The Cubs offense
, by the way, is batting -- as a team, mind you -- .160 in the last 7 days.  Subtract the prodigeous contributions of Derrek Tiberius Lee and that's a .137 team AVG.  Speaking of Lee, 125 at bats into 2009 and he is still DP free.  Just wanted to remind you.

Jason said it best earlier.  Best bring your brooms to Wrigley Field, biatches.  There's gonna be some sweepin' to do in a coupla days!  SWEEEEEEE...

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