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Game Recap: Pirates 10,Cubs 8; ouch

Game Recap
Good news, everybody!  In a single day of play the Cubs were able to accumulate 1/3rd of the hits they'd had over the span of 6 games and they were also able to nearly double their offensive output.

Bad news, they still lost by 2 runs.  Let's look at the negatives first:

Ryan Dempster
If you'd listen to some of our more negative readers, then you'd learn

  • that Dempster is a suspected growth-injector (how else do you explain his great 2008 and his poor 2009?)
  • that the Cubs should have let the Braves sign him and take the draft pick (because in Chicago they shouldn't reward good play with contracts, but if they'd let him go then Henry would have been painted as somebody who doesn't try and fans would have lamented the loss of a clubhouse leader)
  • that he sucks and is done for.

Cubs fans.  Guh.  Nevertheless, he sure did have a bad outing last night. 

Neal Cotts
Lou Pineilla, you do not need a lefty in your bullpen if that lefty is Neal Cotts.  He's got a 7.36 ERA.  He's finished.  Let him go.

Aaron Heilman
He's looking a lot like last year's Heilman, rather than the Heilman of years before.  After another rough outing yesterday his ERA is now 5.49 and he is on the Can't Be Trusted list.

All told it was a complete failure of the pitching staff -- who had previously been doing well in these trying times.  But at least the Cubs offense let us know they're alive.  The positives:

Ryan Theriot
After a huge, HUGE slump, Theriot busted out with a 3 for 5 (all 3 hits doubles) game. 

Milton Bradley
While slowly descending into insanity, Bradley went 2 for 5 with a homer and double raising his AVG to a Neifi-esque .198!

Geovany Soto
Soto also collected 2 hits, raising his AVG to a plump .214.

All told, the Cubs walked 7 times on top of their 10 hits and they scored a lot of runs.  But who really knows ... I suppose it's possible that they are indeed going to bat .160 as a team for the rest of the season and lose pretty much every single game.

Or -- hear me out -- or, just maybe this is a very bad bump on a very long road.  But as I've said... it makes sense to worry.  There are some problems that need to be fixed.  But to give up?  Now?  Seriously?

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