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GameCast: May 24th - Cubs vs. Padres; I return

Woof.  Look what I missed -- when I left, the Cubs were starting to look good.  They'd put things together.  They were stringing together a nice little streak.  Then I go on vacation and everything falls apart.  The offense dies, the readers are angry, the writers are dejected, and it's still only May! 

Well, my brothers, this is baseball for us.  We're in the pit right now looking out but without hope.  No matter what happens it's going to be this point in time that really defines the season for the Cubs.  Either this is where they come together, climb out, and play the baseball we know they're capable of, or this is the beginning of where everything ends.

I don't know which one it is, but I do know this: people - be they fans or players - who quit on a baseball team with a winning record this early in the season do not have the right to call themselves fans and are not the kinds of players I'd want on the team I follow.  So if that sounds like you, scram kiddo.  We're not the place for you, yet.

Who's Hot
Not the Cubs.  Haw!  I kill me.  Seriously:

In the week I've been gone, Derrek Lee has batted .458 -- that's 11 for his last 24, with 2 homeruns but a meager 3 RBI.  I could have sworn that Rob just published an article like, yesterday, in which he wrote "Derrek Lee is not only still struggling, but he's now doing it in the cleanup spot."  I guess maybe he's watching baseball from the alternate Fringe universe?

But seriously, it's a lonely offense for Lee right now because he's the only one hitting anything. 

Who's Not
Let's see.  Ryan Theriot - 3 for 25, .120 AVG in his last 7 games.
Alfonso Soriano - 4 for 22, .182 AVG.
Milton Bradley - 3 for 20, .150 AVG.
Kosuke Fukudome - 4 for 20, .200 AVG.
Mike Fontenot - 3 for 17, .176 AVG.
Geovany Soto - 4 for 17, .235 AVG.
Aaron Miles - 1 for 11, .091 AVG.
Micah Hoffpauir - 2 for 10, .200 AVG.
Bobby Scales - 0 for 10, .000 AVG.

That's 9 Cubs, 152 at bats, and 24 hits, for a .158 Team AVG (minus Derrek Lee).  That's also 5 RBI between all 9 over those 152 at bats. 

Friends, this offense is capable of doing better than hitting like Randy Johnson.  I'm just saying.


I've been gone for a week.  I've clearly missed a lot.  Rich Harden went onto the DL for a non-arm related reason.  Colin re-appeared after having vanished and I never knew that a single-sentence post could bring me such joy, even as it lamented the bad news of Harden's problems.  The Cubs have gotten hammered. 

I'll have the Game Recap tonight and tomorrow I'll cook up a longer piece on the shape of the team, but I'll just say it again in case it didn't set in earlier...

This team is better than its .158 AVG this past week.  Stop being a baby.  Let them work it out.

Just a quick couple of post script comments...

First, thanks so much to AJ, Yarbage, and the rest for keeping the ship floating while I was gone.  I appreciate their hard work and I hope you guys appreciate their hard work too.

Second, we'll have a new GROTA skin coming soon that's going to knock your socks off, assuming we can pull it off.  Stay tuned for that too.

Third, go Cubs.

Welcome Back

Good to have you back, Kurt! We need all the rational thinking we can get around here. Hope the trip went well.

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