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Game Recap: Phillies 5, Cubs 4

Well folks, this one had a little bit of everything: Starlin Castro being good (mostly), a nice comeback to tie it up, John Grabow blowing a game, and Aramis looking feeble.

I'm just going to ignore most of the game and skip right to the part where Grabow came into the game in the 8th.  What is Lou thinking bringing Grabow into a tie game?  This situation has played out countless times in close games, and always with the same result: bringing Grabow into a game as a "stopper" is about as successful as throwing water on a grease fire.  In this game, Grabow came into the 8th inning with one out and gave up a walk, got a deep flyout, and then allowed another walk and a hit that scored the winning run.  Epic failure, once again.  This is about the time where the Cubs need to start dreaming up some mystery ailment that Grabow can get for an entire season.  I'm sure David Patton can let Grabow in on what he was afflicted with last season.

Despite the incompetence of John Grabow, the Cubs still had a chance in the 9th to tie it up.  Soriano led off the inning with a walk/hit by pitch and advanced to third on a Fontenot single.  However, with runners at the corners and no outs, the Cubs failed to put a ball in play.  Probably the most disappointing out came when Aramis flailed at ball 4 to strike out for the second out of the inning.  Honestly, he looks about as lost at the plate as it gets.

On a good note, Jeff Stevens looked good and had a scoreless IP and Derrek Lee went yard on a no-doubter in the 7th.  Kosuke tied it up in the 8th with a shot to right field off left-hander Anthony Bastardo. 

Not much else to say other than that this game was both frustrating and emotionally draining.  I keep hoping Lou will figure out that Grabow shouldn't be used ever, but based on his use of Bob Howry last year, I think this is a pipe dream.


I was there today, and as soon as I saw Grabow start walking out of the bullpen I yelled something along the lines of, "YOU'RE A BUM GRABOW!" to the surprise of everyone around me, and when they scored off of him a Phillies fan looked over to me and said, "Geez man, you weren't kidding." Marshall should have been in that game and we should have had a win, plain and simple.

That said, I'm very encouraged by the way the team is playing right now and I absolutely LOVE Starlin Castro. I really wish he were higher in the order so he would get more RBI opportunities, but he is certainly cashing in on the ones he's getting. It's still relatively early in the season, and we've got plenty of time to get on a real tear, especially with the division looking as weak as it is right now.


I commented on this shitbag after game one, in which he tried to give up the game and again, Sweet Loser puts him in like you said in a tie game. Tonights loss is on three peeps Grablow for throwing trash, Lou for playing the waste of money(grablow) and Larry for letting Lou make the mistake. For Grablow i have only 1 thing to say Ive got some rope and a tree and a perfect place for ya!

Last line? Seriously.

Last line? Seriously. Uncalled for.

Yikes. Just... yikes.

Yikes. Just... yikes.

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