Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: May 20th vs. Cardinals

Ryan Dempster (4-3, 4.65 ERA) vs. Chris Carpenter (1-0, 0.00 ERA)

Story Lines

The Cubs sucked last night. How do I know? Well, they made a case for Joel Pineiro as a Cy Young Award Winner. They got three hits none after the fifth inning. Also, they didn't draw a walk, which is odd for them.

Tonight the Cubs face a pitcher that has been out since early April in Chris Carpenter. He should be rusty, and the Cubs should be ok, but last night has me a little worried.

Ryan Dempster toes the mound for the Cubs. He has been solid of late, and hopefully he has turned a corner.

One positive thing happened last night, Mike Fontenot got a hit. Yay! Now, lets string a few more together.

Who's Hot

Derrek Lee - He got another hit last night, so that is a positive sign.

Hmm? The Milwaukee Brewers. Those crazy cheeseheads have won 7 in a row and lead by 3 games now.

Who's Not

Geovanny Soto and Milton Bradley - Both guys are back below .200 again.


The Cubs looked bad last night, so it would be nice for them to get in a groove to take this series. The Brewers and Cardinals have played out of this world for different stretches, and now it is time for the Cubs to get hot.

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