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GameCast: May 13th Padres vs. Cubs

GameCastChris Young (2-1, 4.76 ERA) vs. Ted Lilly (4-2, 3.11 ERA)

It wasn't too long ago that Chris Young engaged our own Derrek Lee in a legendary wuss-fight.  They swung, they flailed, they didn't connect.  It was legendary. 

Young should face Lee again tonight.  I'm sure it will be a very professional battle in which the Cubs first baseman strikes out repeatedly while trying to pretend that his neck shouldn't be in a splint.

Meanwhile Ted Lilly will be looking to improve on his already impressive numbers.  Before long he'll ascend to the "ace pitcher" role, securing in the process the right to pitch the first game of the playoffs only for the Cubs to get hammered. 

In all seriousness, Theodore Roosevelt is looking pretty special right now.  And isn't he technically the team's #3 pitcher?

Who's Hot
Alfonso Soriano - The Fonz is coming off of a three hit, two double night.  He is presently on pace to hit 47 doubles, 52 homeruns, and to steal 21 bases.  By the way, as a leadoff man he's on pace to drive in 114 RBI.  The Cubs are stacked in the lineup but that is bound to go down a bit.

Kosuke Fukudome - He's been looking a lot more like what we expected from him than the second coming of Ichiro, but Fukudome remains an offensive force on the team.  It was a lot like this a year ago now, but let's just stare in awe at this guy, who is presently on pace for 51 doubles, 6 triples, 23 homers, 23 steals, and most impressive to me 124 walks!  Wow!

Bobby Scales! - 5 games played, a 5 game hitting streak, a triple, a homer, and a .429 average for this 31-year-old switch-hitting rookie.  Add in some awesome versatility and the Cubs have themselves a bench guy they could've been using since day one, were they not focused on having the deepest outfield in baseball.

Who's Not
The Questionable Quartet (minus 1) - Where to start.  Mike Fontenot was up to .266 on May 3rd.  Since then he's gone 1 for 20.  Ugh.  Geovany Soto is still only batting .175 on the season, although he's 9 for 34 in the month of May (.265 AVG).  Then again, only 1 of his 9 hits were for extra bases.  Guh.  Derrek Lee had been hitting the ball better before missing 5 straight games due to his neck.  In his return he went 0 for 3 with 3 strikeouts.  Yuck.  And Milton Bradley represents the minus 1 having hit safely in his last 6 games including 2 homeruns and 6 RBI.

Young is not looking great.  Lilly is pitching fantastically.  The Cubs offense continues to show signs of becoming an unstoppable force.  In other words, as usual I'm expecting a win.

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