Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: May 12th vs. Padres

Jake Peavy (2-4, 4.27 ERA) vs. Rich Harden (3-1, 4.83 ERA)
(With some contributions from the ever-interfering Kurt who tacked on a few paragraphs for no reason but to display his ridiculous sense of entitlement and power.... mwahahahaha)


Where do we begin? Well, it has been an interesting couple days here at GROTA since avoiding the sweep on Sunday. There have been articles about blowing up Wrigley, people calling other people names, and even some posts about our purpose as fans. I for one am glad that baseball is back on the TV, because like many other media sites we don't do well with off days. (I hope everybody gets the sarcasm intended during the first paragraph).

For real, the Cubs are trying to get back on tract against the lowly Padres. Kurt and Jason already pointed out a few major themes. So, I will keep this short.

First we'll note that, according to Cubs.com Derrek Lee won't be spending time in a neck splint on the Disabled List.  Fans of Micah Hoffpuair will despair over this turn of events, but the Cubs have concluded that Lee's neck isn't on the brink of cracking in half and he should be able to play productively.  If he isn't back in the lineup tonight, he should be around in time to experience a Round 2 battle royale with Chris Young tomorrow.  As for tonight...

Jake Peavy (Future Cub) vs. Rich Harden (Future DL'd Cub) will face off in game one. Harden needs to stop walking guys and it will be just fine for him.

Who's Hot
Kosuke Fukudome
- after a little cold streak, Fukudome has played well in his last 7 games. He's hitting .353 with a couple extra base hits.

Milton Bradley - Don't look now, but Cpt. Crazy is starting to hit. He's hitting .286 with a 2B and HR in his last six games.

Who's Not
Geovanny Soto
- Our ROY is still in Spring Training or something, because the player wearing No. 18 is not the Geo we want or need. He's still stuck on 4 RBI and 0 HR, while hitting a robust .169.

The Bullpen minus Kevin Gregg, Angel Guzman and Carlos Marmol - There is one thing that many of us agree on, and it is that without a bullpen the Cubs will not make the playoffs. It's impossible in this day and age, because starters only go about 6 innings. That means, on average, they have to get 9 outs, which our bullpen seems impossible without giving up runs and walks.

This is an important series for the Cubs. A victory could spark a multi-win streak, but a loss could bring out the boo birds, which is something I really don't care for.

We'll probably have more on the subject of booing in the near future, but for now we'll leave with this: it's not unique to Chicago that fans turn hostile.  It just happens that the media has harnessed a fine microscope in inflating just how "severe" the hostility of fans can get.  Consider Philly where they boo Santa Claus when they get the chance.  But the Cubs are a good team with really just some moderate struggles this year and an impatient fanbase isn't going to turn things around for them.  Then again, winning a lot of games will probably silence an impatient fanbase.  Tonight would be a good night to start that process.

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