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Game Recap: Cubs 6, Padres 2

Cubs win
Bobby Scales! wants you to know that since he's finally made it to the majors he plans on staying for a while.  While he's there he might as well get used to winning, too.

The Offense

Was anybody sweating the 2 run lead San Diego held until the 5th?  The Cubs sure had some chances in the early innings but were unable to capitalize on walks, doubles, wild-pitch advancements, and mascot mischief until Alfonso Soriano finally said ENOUGH!  and cranked a run-scoring double.

After that it was a verifiable hit parade as the Cubs scored 1 or more runs every inning until they shut it down after the top of the 9th.  The Fonz and Fuku were responsible for 6 of the Cubs 11 hits, and both managed double doubles - giving both 9 on the year.  (A Soriano-Fukudome double team?  But how can that possibly work?  They're practically from different worlds!  One is dark skinned and from the Dominican, the other is Asian and from the Far East!  What is this, Rush Hour 4?) 

Also among the big hitters was Milton Bradley - who hit a 2-run homer in the 6th - and the previously mentioned Bobby Scales! who has now played in 5 games and collected at least 1 hit each time. 

By the way, on the flip side Derrek Lee and Mike Fontenot both went 0 for 3 and Lee struck out every at bat.  Clearly he's done for, rather than merely rusty. 

The Pitching
Rich Harden lowered his ERA thanks to 6 innings of 4 hit, 1 walk ball.  The only damage he allowed was done in the 1st inning, a two-run shot by Adrian Gonzalez.  Harden responded to his early troubles by popping a ligament out of his arm.  (No, wait, he actually buckled down and owned San Diego the rest of the way out.)

The bullpen delievered 3 solid innings.  Heilman, Marmol, and Gregg gave Cub fans what we needed - shutout baseball with only a few pants-crapping moments - like when Carlos Marmol issued one of his trademark walks.

The Cubs are now 1.5 games out of first place, by the way.  I hope St. Louis has enjoyed their lead.

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