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GameCast: May 8th - Cubs at Milwaukee

Randy Wells (0-0, 0.00) vs. Dave Bush (1-0, 4.36 ERA)

This one is coming at you early because I'm going straight from work to dinner to Star Trek to bed. 

The Cubs and the Brewers are the modern day Tiffany and Debbie Gibson - their rivalry burns like hellfire.  And in the end one will lose her fanbase to the other, who in turn will become anorexic, addicted to meth, and will pose naked in Playboy 10 years after anybody cares.

Wait, they both lost their fanbases?  ...

Anyway, since I've posted this early and you've got time on your hands, let me recommend to you a couple of pieces written by Goat Friend and ESPN writer Wayne Drehs, who interviewed me last year and was directly responsible for my rocket toward stardom.  These days he's writing for ESPN Chicago* and blogging there so often that it makes me dizzy.  I mean, how can he possibly blog that often?

(*ESPN Chicago?  That sounds like a perfect fit for GROTA!  Damn you for not calling me, ESPN!  You know I always answer you on the FIRST RING!!)

What would you give for the Cubs to win it all?  - well, that one is self explanatory and since I'm a good sport I will probably answer Wayne's question with a retort column.  Right after I write that piece about Marmol and Gregg sometime next year.  Nevertheless, Wayne also Emailed me a What would you give up ESPN poll (or a ballot, if you will).  I don't want to influence your vote, but if you tick off on the "pay $$$$" options I will quit you.  It's not that I wouldn't surrender money in the name of Cub, it's just that if we tell them how much they might take us up on it.

Anyway, moving onto the GameCast...

Who's Hot
On a team that collected 14 hits in their last game, it would be easier to make a list of who's not.  But in particular, Alfonso Soriano selfishly hit 2 more homeruns while looking spectacular in the field, Aramis Ramirez collected 3 hits, and by gawd Micah Hoffpauir got 2 more hits raising his average to .312.

Who's Not
Mike Fontenot, Geovany Soto, and Milton Bradley remain on the bubble.  Soto and Bradley both had hits yesterday while Fontenot collected none but drove in 2 RBI. 

This may be the first series with implications, and since tomorrow's game will be tough to win (even if Dempster looks good) then today's contest against Dave Bush is practically essential.  If the Cubs can crack his nut as they have in the past - and especially if the Questionable Quartet can really start pounding the ball - then it shouldn't be too hard.

Then again, with a rookie pitcher on the mound for the Cubs, it could be a run-fest.

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