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Game Recap: Reds 5, Cubs 4 - Get Used To It

Well that wasn't very enjoyable at all, was it? Last night the Cubs took a 4-2 lead into the 8th and in what is turning into a trend gifted 4 runs, and the game, to the Cincinnati Reds. Though it may be early to press the panic button, there is an early trend that reared its' ugly head.
Some good news to start with, though: future NutriSystem spokesman Carlos Silva had a best case scenario 1st start, going 6 innings allowing 1 run on 3 hits, no walks, and 3 strikeouts. Silva threw an incredibly efficient 71 pitches on the day and probably could have lasted longer but it appeared he may have tweaked something in the 6th. I never imagined I would be saying this about our rotund 4th starter, but I hope it's nothing serious because we are going to need him.

The Cubs took advantage (but not enough of an advantage) of Reds starter Homer Bailey, getting one run on a A-Ram sac fly in the 1st, followed by another in the 3rd from Xavier Nady's 1st RBI in a Cubs uniform. The former place holder for the Great Micah Hoffpauir, Derrek Lee helped continue the misery for Bailey with an RBI single, driving in the current place holder for the Great Starlin Castro, Ryan Theriot.

Look, we all now what happened in the 8th as it's now uncomfortably familiar, like a Ronnie Woo-Woo sex video (Don't judge). I know it may be early to look for trends, but let's look at one that has surfaced: Through 4 games, Cubs relievers have given up the following in the 8th inning: 6 walks, 6 hits (2 of which were soul crushing home runs) and 8 runs. If the Cubs have any desire to play in October, the 8th inning bleeding needs to stop soon.

After Esmailin Caridad helped Drew Stubbs become a Cincinnati hero for one day, in the 9th many Cubs fans were left to wonder "What if?" after a close play at 1st resulted in Tyler Colvin grounding out on an excruciating close play at 1st. This play became important due to Derrek Lee blasting a HR into Kentucky. Hopes continued to build when the Cubs loaded the bases thanks to a PH single by Fukudome and a couple of Reds defensive miscues. It wasn't to be, however, as Chad Tracy check swinged his way to the 3rd out.

Right now we can at least take heart that it *is* early, thus plenty of time to correct these early trends. Outside of a trade though, I'm just not seeing where the bullpen corrections will come from, I'm afraid. Maybe I'll just keep my fingers crossed, and suggest you do the same.

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