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Game Recap: Cubs 2, Braves 0 - FINALLY

It's hard to forget how, several weeks ago, the baseball season started to high expectations but low drama.  Despite our greatest hopes, the Cubs just kept crashing and burning, leaving our playoff hopes dashed before they even managed to escape from the month of April.

...wait, this is only the 3rd game, and the Cubs won 2-0?  What with all the gloom (and hints of doom), I would've thought they were 10 games under .500 by now.  Nevertheless, Randy Wells and a surprisingly effective Cubs bullpen shut down the dangerous Braves in order to avoid a season starting series sweep. 

The pen pitched 3 innings of relief, allowing 2 hits, 2 walks, and striking out 3.  Only John Grabow continued to serve up shit sandwiches, walking the one guy he faced in the 8th.

Offensively, the Cubs continue to give Rob concerns.  They only managed 4 hits and 3 walks, and taking a page from the Dusty Baker days they scored both their runs off of solo homers -- Tyler Colvin and Marlon Byrd delivered. 

So.  The Cubs are now 1-2.  They limp out of Atlanta, away from the blown calls, missed chances, and defensive mishaps.  They managed to score 9 runs, the bullpen looked awful twice (well, once was all Samardzija, but that's like saying our national debt isn't so bad if we ignore how we're 9 trillion in the hole). 

We'll have a Series Preview for you bright 'n early tomorrow.  Maybe this next one will be a bit better.

Current Record: 1-2
Position in the NL Central:
5th place, 1.5 games out
Best Possible Record: 160-2
Worst Possible Record: 1-161
Record needed to win 120: 119-40
On Pace For: 54-108 (relax, it's way early)

Nice win

Nice to get the win tonight. The Cubs starting pitching is deep and it makes me laugh all the times I see people picking them finish below the Brewers and the Reds. Yeah, if the Cubs' lose half their team for the season in June that'll happen. Grabow stinks. I think he's fine if he's the fifth option in the pen. Overall, I like the talent we have out there, I just think the Cubs are one arm short in the bullpen at this moment. If the Cubs' offense continues to underperform against the back end of the Reds' rotation, I think we can worry.

I agree Grayblow is a

I agree Grayblow is a complete joke. But the truth is we need 2 arms Grayblow needs to go and the Hunchback needs to persue a football career while he is still young, major league baseball is just a too much for him. Jeff weve been patient now your times up and your still not producing so go take a hike.

Colvin the next Hank Aaron

Since heyward is the next Hank Aaron for homering on his first at bat and is now a first ballot hall of famer (lol he looked liked one against Marmol didnt he) my question to you is Tyler Colvin the next Hank Aaron he went deep just like Heyward. Is ther two Hamerin Hanks in the making?


Colvin may not be the next Hank Aaron, but @JohnnyEvers -- former Cubs 2nd baseman from those world championship teams -- thinks Colvin might pass his career HR total of 14.

Solid win. Good

Solid win. Good Pitching.

Mostly because Marshall looks damn good. My lord. He started the season with a bang. Randy Wells was sharp too, that dip in his fastball was really, really hard... like z like (or maybe not z like this week). I know, speaking the obvious, but, there's something to be said about watching the game on TV, you can really get a sense of how pitchers are pitching, whereas if you're sitting third base line heckling crybaby chipper you can't really see how beautifully marmol's slider juts...

That said. Dear lord. Theriot and the Bullpen are simply goats this series. I can't really emphasis how bad he's looked. Defense and Offence... TV doesn't do bad defensmanship justice... His throws are off, but his range? His glove? Looked piss poor. Colvin though was pretty good out there running down that hit from Prado in the third. Some tomahawking cracker trash-basket braves fans kept yelling for 'that hippie samardjiza to come and pitch'. Took all that was in me not to tell them to go back to their trailer parks.

With Lilly out a bit longer, I think we're going to get to see more of Nady and Colvin... and who gets to stay.

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