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GameCast: April 05, 2010 - Cubs at Braves

GameCastCarlos Zambrano (0-0, 0.00 ERA) vs. Derek Lowe (0-0, 0.00 ERA)

The Chicago Cubs look to inflame the hope of fans everywhere and to extinguish our fears of an 0-14 start in one sweeping gesture.  They do this by sending out veteran 20-something ace Carlos Zambrano, he of the epic contract, the infantile behavior, and the gargantuan heart. 

It will be the first time that Alfonso Soriano will open his season for the Cubs in a place other than leadoff.  Chicago's lineup of choice is Theriot, Fukudome, Lee, Ramirez, Byrd, Soriano, Fontenot, Soto, and Zambrano.  Sounds like a reasonable lineup to me.

Cub fans will be anxious to see some Big Picture questions get answered -- but, I caution again, we will have to wait a while.  One series -- or even three or four -- will not tell us outcomes.  We won't know by May if Soriano will have a good year, whether he starts out hot or cold.  We won't know by May if the bullpen is as horrible as it appears, whether they dominate or not.  We'll just have a few trends, some of which will be more concerning than others.

Still, if Dusty Baker taught us anything, it's that a baseball season is far less stressful when the team starts out with motivation and momentum.  Therefore, I hope -- as you surely hope -- that the Chicago Cubs will kick the holy hell out of the Atlanta Braves today.  I hope that they win 20 to 0.  I hope that Carlos strikes out 18, that Soriano slugs 3 dingers, that Soto goes 5 for 5.  I hope the bullpen comes in, pitches the 8th and 9th only, and strikes out every single batter they face.  I hope that Carlos Marmol throws 9 pitches, all strikes, with no appearance of lacking control.

Today, we hope.  The dread comes later.

Sometimes, May is long enough

pretty much everything I needed to see last year was clear by the first week of May.

Good Lord

I was live and in full effect at this Abomination, and all i can say is wtf... granted, it IS the first game of the season but what the hell. I still dont really understand WHY marshall was pulled, he looked good. Russell pretty good also. A couple of points:

1.That ball WAS trapped by mcclouth also, although the reply crew at the ted conveniently cut off the end of the play and only showed it once on the big screen (we were told by at least eight peeps, not all good guys either, that the ball was in fact dropped). Homefield adv indeed.

2. At that point it was a 3 run game, not totally beyond reach by any means, although morale in the dugout looked pretty f'ing poor. We were literally ON the dugout.

3. You should see the city-wide-circle-jerk in this shit city over this Heyward kid. Yeah, he very well *might* be the second coming of Christ, but Seriously wow. These f'ing hillbillies said the same thing about Frenchie, and the same thing about that Schaeffer kid last year. Remember, he hit a bomb in his first AB, was hot for a week, and then nobody tonight could remember his name, he's nowhere to be found. I mean, its just disgusting the amount of hype this kid receives in this dump of a city. Anyway, he was really hyped coming into the season, and he just Tripled the amt he has to live up to, good luck kid. Dont get the SI cover too early.

4. If the Riot makes that play up the middle, somebody catches that ball in no-man's-land, and Marlon doesnt boot two balls, this is a different game entirely. Personally, outside the leadoff walk and the meatball to The Kid, i didnt think Z pitched all THAT bad... def didnt get any help from the D, but still you want more from your ace.

That's all, i got home, am watching basketball and Not sober and needed to vent. Thanks for listening. Let's get them Wed.

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