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Hill of beans

As Nick V noted in the SB, the Orioles are talking to the Cubs about acquiring Rich Hill.  The likely bounty the Cubs will receive for the once-untradable player will be a a player to be named later.

Before the start of the '08 season some of us at GROTA had suggested that Hill be dealt to Baltimore for Bedard.  The reasoning was that Hill looked like a giant sissy-man in the playoffs and the Cubs of '07 were a team with one ace and a bunch of #3 or #4 pitchers, and they might need an authentic #2 pitcher to have any kind of post season success.

Well, Bedard didn't have a great '08, but he was at least a little better than Hill who lost control of his pitches and his bladder anytime he stepped up onto the mound.  Last year he would've been one of the most valuable trade commodites on the market.  This year he's getting traded for the modern day equivilent of a box of baseballs and a bottle of rum.

That's baseball for you.

Update: GROTA Army member AJ Walsh posted this link in the Shout Box and tried to break our fragile little blog: Is Helm the next Dempster?

Justin Christian

Let's get Justin Christian from the O's.....He played a couple games with the Yanks last year and Baltimore picked him up this offseason. I've seen this kid play and he is the real deal!!!!! He reminds me alot of Reed Johnson but twice as fast.

If he signed with Baltimore

If he signed with Baltimore via free agency, then they aren't allowed to deal him until sometime after June, I believe.

good call

You are probably right....I have so much to learn about that kind of stuff!!! But if Joey Gathright gets sent to triple A after a few months we should go after Christian in June.

Anybody check out Heilman's

Anybody check out Heilman's '08 splits? Another guy who couldn't get lefties out. Pretty outstanding numbers against righties though.

Looks like the Reds and Phillies are gonna score a ton of runs on us again this year.

true, but

the Reds will manage to give up more runs TO us than they score OFF of us.

And the Phils are just plain scary - they are the champs, and all that.

Hindsight has helped me see that even if we had beaten the Dodgers, that we wouldn't have gotten past the Phils, even if we'd played reasonably well.

Harang, Volquez, Cueto, and

Harang, Volquez, Cueto, and Arroyo are all capable of putting up a quality start. And Cordero is a good closer.

I think the Reds are a scary sleeper team, with vastly improved outfield defense now that Dunn and Griffey are gone. It's up to Dusty to ruin their chances.


The over/under on Volquez' trip to see Dr. Andrews: July 15
The over/under on Cueto's trip to Birmingham: June 1
Harang needs a change of scenery.
Arroyo sucks, except against us. Then he's Bronson Maddux Clemens Big Train Cy Young.

All I know is that if Ted

All I know is that if Ted Lilly had never faced the Reds last year, his ERA would've been close to 3.2 if memory serves ... and Jon Lieber would have had a sub 2 ERA had the Reds not regularly beaten him like a pimp beats his hos.


Yea they gave Leiber a bad team to get his first spot start.....that was it for him after that game wasn't it???

As a starter it was his one

As a starter it was his one and only, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the last time the Reds left their mark on Lieber last year.

4 games, 7ip, 13ER, 8HR. 7ER

4 games, 7ip, 13ER, 8HR.

7ER in the other 39ip.

Yep. 1.62 ERA. And now

Yep. 1.62 ERA. And now look at Lilly's totals minus the beatings he had against the Reds.

vs CIN: 17.2ip,

vs CIN: 17.2ip, 16er
everyone else: 187ip, 3.78ERA

Heilman's Splits

Heilman had an off year altogether in 2008, which may have been due to the knee tendinitis he reportedly was working thru. Over the three year period from 2006 thru 2008, he still held lefties to a .256 BA. He has dominated righties for sure, so his overall stats from 2005 thru 2007 are pretty darn good (highest BA allowed was .231, highest OBP was .299, and highest OPS was .631. His best over the three years in those categories were .223, .279, and .595.

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