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I need feedback from the GROTA Army

Right, then!  So as you have probably seen by now, I've designed a couple of images this weekend that I've decided to stick on t-shirts and sell to the public at large.  Now, I'm not expecting you, the loyal Goat Reader, to throw down money on these things - especially in the tough economy we live in - but I'm hoping some of you will mostly because it's a cool way to promote the site.

However I'm at a crossroads in the designs.  It originally started out with these bunch:

This is the year

My propaganda war poster, I took a photo of this scene and digitally recreated it.  I then erased the original photo and this is what I got.  I think it's one of the coolest photoshops I've ever done, and without a doubt the most original.

This is the Year

And here is the image concept I stole from the Obama campaign.  It should strike a very similar chord to this image. The basic idea is that I took the Cubs logo, turned it on its side, and placed it in the backdrop of the city of Chicago as though it were a rising sun.  If you look at the oldest version of the image, you'll see that I've worked on it a lot since then to make it look like I want it to.  I've made the blue border of the logo much thicker.

Since then, I've worked on a few varations of these two images, particularly the "O" image.  Here's what I'd cooked up:

09 2
This is the year

At this point, realizing that I'd struck gold, I began slapping these images on t-shirts, buttons, magnets, posters, you name it.  But I've done some further tinkering, particularly with the slogan.  I mean, I like "This is the Year" but since I'd already bitten so hard on Obama, I thought maybe I should kick it to the next level and steal "Yes We Can."  Here's the latest:

Yes They Can
Yes They Can 2
Yes They Can 3
Yes They Can 4

And here's where the need for feedback comes into play ... basically, what do you all think of these?  Is "This Is The Year" better or worse than "Yes They Can?"

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.


I prefer "Yes They Can" to "This is the Year." Maybe you could steal one more. CUBS WIN THE '09 WORLD SERIES "CHANGE AMERICA NEEDS." OR "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN." Something along those lines.


The bleacher one is best. And THIS IS THE YEAR > YES THEY CAN (if you like the Ron Santo ads from WGN Radio last year for their unintentional hilarity). However, coining a Goat Riders Only (it's like Members Only but for the Blogger Generation with cheaper jackets bought online rather than at your local Sears) tagline may be in the cards.

Pun intended.

I like the score board shot

I like the score board shot the best but is there a way to show the other side of the clock, with a partial National League rather than AMER showing. Looks like you are promoting an american league team (for those who might not be familiar with the Wrigley scoreboard). I like This is the year over yes they can. I like This is OUR year or IT's OUR year even better. Nice job, though. By the way, I bought the book, The Best Team Ever. It's great, very hard to put down.

I think "Yes They Can" is

I think "Yes They Can" is really really great, but the accompanying graphics could be more explicitly Cub, in my opinion.

Great work!

You *do* realize it's the

You *do* realize it's the Cubs logo turned sideways, right?

Sure. I guess the blue and

Sure. I guess the blue and red should do it for most people. Maybe to *you* it couldn't be mistaken for anything else, but to *me*, I think there might be some *non-Cub* baseball fans who don't get it. If I wore it to work, for example, I'd have a lot of people asking me what was going on. Maybe I sound like a crazy person, but I'm fine with that every once in a while.

Anyway, it's all *really great stuff*, but if I were to point one thing out that might be improved, I feel like the fact that it's a Cubs shirt could be more clear. You asked for feedback, right?

Sure, but we're not really

Sure, but we're not really selling anything to non-Cub fans.

Besides ... non Cub fans who don't recognize the logo saying "what's that supposed to be" is a good thing, because then you'd be talking about us to people who've never heard about GROTA before.

Anyway, most Cub fans should get it, but we definitely couldn't make it *more* Cub because at that point trademark issues come into play. It's just vague enough that the Cubs shouldn't make with the ceasing and the desisting.

Right on, right on. I'm sold!

Right on, right on. I'm sold! Although, at this point, only figuratively. My personal favorite is the W flag graphic, I think that's awesome.



Looks great Kurt...

I like the 'subtle' Obama/Cubs tie (although he's a Sox fan by residency). The one with the scoreboard is sweet. However, a raised 'W' flag at 3:05pm is only possible if we still had Maddux. How about 4:15pm? Too anal?

Definitely. I actually based

Definitely. I actually based the image on a real photo, including the time on the clock. Sticking out tongue

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